10 Online Video Editing Applications That Beginners Can Use

YouTube has now turned into a lifestyle and is no longer a platform/video. Every day more than 100 billion hours of video are watched on YouTube. Don’t ignore the rise of Tiktok short videos.

Therefore, video editing is no longer only for people who understand technology, but also those who are still beginners.For beginners, it might be good to find the best online video editing apps that are easy to get started with. There are many applications for editing videos available.

10 Online Video Editing Applications That Beginners Can Use

To make it easier for you, this article will round up some easy-to-use online video editing apps that will let you share videos on social media in a matter of minutes.

Online Video Editing Applications That Beginners Can Use

*1. Magisto*

The highly technological A.I Magisto Video Maker is the most outstanding thing about this app. In just a few minutes, your video story is ready to be shared. If you are a marketer /, Magisto is still to your taste.

Magisto or Magical Video Editor is a video editing tool that has the ability to turn ordinary videos even into authentic movies, like magic. All you need to do is select two or more videos, songs for /soundtrack/, then confirm your choice.

Wait a few minutes for the process to complete. The process will take some time depending on how many clips you have created. Once done, you can check and see how this app generates videos from all the sources you use.

Magisto is a platform/cross which means you can use it on mobile devices, tablets and the web. Just use the same account and you can access your videos on all devices. You can directly share video to /social media/social media. Download Magisto.

*2. Clipchamp*

One of the popular free online video editing tools is Clipchamp. Apart from that, this video editing tool also provides a converter, video compressor and webcam recorder. Its intuitive / platform/ work allows beginners to complete video editing in no time.

Edits can be saved directly on your computer or shared with Google Drive and others. A simple /drag/drop/ feature that allows you to trim, trim, rotate and flip videos according to their needs.

Apart from that, the app also allows you to easily adjust the brightness, saturation and contrast. You can also add transitions, /overlays/, text, and backgrounds. There are libraries that provide both paid and free and free audio files to choose from. Download ClipChamp.

*3. Hippo Videos*

Hippo Video is a video/online editing/editing which has an easy, clean and nice interface like clipchamp. Editing using online video editor without /watermark/ allows you to add music from PC or Google Drive for better results.

When you want to edit videos using Hippo, you only need to import videos from your PC. Interestingly, you can also record videos directly from the webcam. Apart from that, you can also choose the resolution of the video before actually starting to edit. Download hippo videos.

*4. CROP videos*

This app is very simple and useful app for cutting videos. With this platform you can easily trim unwanted parts of videos and get rid of annoying backgrounds, or enlarge videos, and more.

Cropping videos online with crop video is very easy. All you need to do is upload the video, change the video according to your needs and then download the result. This app also makes it easy for users to access other online/video editing.

Not much different from other online video editor apps, video crop also has its pros and cons. For pros, you can enjoy a free online editor without installation and download. This application can be used in all internet browsers. Crop video is also watermark free.

However, the features provided by crop video are limited. This app does not provide an opportunity to explore videos/video editing/. Video / CROP / Suitable for Beginners or those of you who are starting to learn video editing. Download Video Crop.

Online Video Editing Applications That Beginners Can Use

*5. Beecut*

Beecut is an online video editor application that makes it easy for users to convert videos into GIFs, extract audio from videos, merge, rotate, trim videos and more. This app provides almost all the functions needed to create videos in minutes.

This app is a creative space where you can use your imagination to create short inspirational videos. / Platform/ It supports various popular video formats including MP4, MOV, AVI, Webm and more.

Has a friendly and technological user interface For advanced video processing, Beecut is a web-based application that works well with any browser that you can use on PC, Mac, iOS or Android. You don’t need to install any complicated apps, just visit the Beecut website. Download Beecut.

*6. Online video cutter*

Although at one time this app was not a video editor, online video cutter is online video editing / intuitive, user friendly and not limited to video cutting as shown.

Users can upload videos from computer or via Dropbox, Google Drive or URL directly. With this app you can easily rotate videos up to 90, 180 or even 270 degrees, crop or apply some professional style editing features.

You can save the edited video in original quality or Full HD 1080p. The online video cutter can easily process videos with a maximum file size of 500 MB and users can easily access popular media file formats. This app is free and all features are accessible.

To use this online video editing app, users don’t need to register to use it and also the saved videos are watermark free. But it would be better if this online app could integrate some music and effects too. Download video cutter online.

*7. WeVideo*

Wevideo is an online video editor that can easily capture, create, view and share videos up to 4K resolution. You can use this app on any Mac or PC computer browser, Chromebook, iOS, and Android.

Storage / Cloud / Offered by Wevideo allows you to start a project on one device and open and resume lagging work in another app. You can also edit videos with your teammates if you purchase the business plan. Download Wevideo.

*8. Online filmmaker*

Compared to other apps, this is the most reliable app for creating amazing videos. Online movie maker is a simple tool that provides many features.

This application allows users to enjoy the activity of the video editing process. Using an online movie maker, you can add photos to videos. This online tool also lets you create HD animated videos.

Some of the other features provided by online filmmakers include travel and trimming video clips, editing audio tracks as well as setting text styles. You can also make videos like a pro by adding filters, transitions, and crossfades.

Unfortunately, online filmmakers also have their drawbacks. While using this online editing application, you will come across a lot of annoying ads that distract you. Upload speeds can be so slow that it’s annoying to share edits. Download MoviemakerOnline.

Online Video Editing Applications That Beginners Can Use

*9. Wideo*

Wideo is an online video maker website for creating animated videos, explain videos and other marketing videos. This app has many video templates. Before you start making online videos, you need to be logged in first.

After that you can create online videos with this animation editor and then the /drag/ and //drop/ elements allow you to create animated sequences. Wideo allows you to use as many different elements as you want to create a video.

Unlike some websites, you are not limited when it comes to using stock elements, such as text, cartoons, images and pictures, and components. But it seems that Wideo only allows you to upload images in .jpg, .png and .gif formats and your own background or music. Download Wideo.

*10. Capwing*

Kapwing provides many products related to online video editing. Among these products include /video maker, online meme generator, video trimmer /, and /video resizer/, add /subtitles/, add audio and /video loop/, and /an all-in-one online video studio /.

This video studio allows you to combine videos, gifs and photos, add text and audio to create new videos. To edit a video, you just need to upload a media file from your computer or paste the video URL to get started.

Apart from that, this online video maker also provides samples, so you can use the samples before uploading your own media. You can download the edited video directly or share it with social accounts. Appears /Watermark /Otherwise /Enter /. Download Kapwing.

For your video maker whether for YouTube or other similar platforms, you can now easily edit work using the apps mentioned above. Although there are limitations, but this application is enough to help You want to be able to upload/or share your videos on social media. Don’t forget to also check your laptop for the best video editing only at Valay.Co.

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