15 Best Karaoke Software for PC and Laptop

In this sophisticated era, karaoke does not need to return to using certain tools or go to special areas. Only together with a laptop and PC, we are currently able to karaoke all day long.

15 Best Karaoke Software for PC and Laptop

Best Karaoke Software for PC and Laptop

Therefore, this time Valay.CO can examine more than one of the best karaoke software for PCs and laptops that use Windows and Mac operating processes. Is there a karaoke application that is free and can be used offline? To answer this question, see this next article, yes.

1. KaraFun

KaraFun is the most popular karaoke software currently available. It has an iTunes-like appearance so it’s very easy to use. All you need to do is enter a song, connect the microphone, and click the play button to feel singing.

KaraFun also has a certain library that contains more than 17,000 songs from many different genres. But to connect to the next library you need to pay $5.99 for 48 hours of access and $9.99 for full month of access.

If you don’t want to download the software, KaraFun also provides a web player that can be opened online. There is also a mobile application for those of you who crave karaoke anywhere. The next mobile application has features that are not much different from the desktop version.

Another advantage of KaraFun is the availability of unique features such as pitch change, live recording, mic effects, tempo change, and others. There is also a remote control feature which unfortunately can only be unlocked if you subscribe to a premium. Download KaraFun here.

2. Karaoke Kanto

Kanto Karaoke is no less good than KaraFun. This software has many features that help to do karaoke activities. It’s just that you need to add your own songs that you want to sing.

We try to add instrumental songs in MP3 format and karaoke without using an additional microphone, then record them with the recording feature in this software. Unfortunately, our tone is not very clear. So, if you want to record while karaoke, make sure you use an extra microphone, okay?”

To help you feel comfortable while karaoke, this software also provides complete audio control features. There are key settings, mic delay, pitch, and so on.

For Mac users, don’t forget to download an additional plugin from the official Kanto Karaoke website so you can record your karaoke activities, okay?

For your information, this software also provides a paid version for users who want to connect with full features. The fee starts at $49.00.

3. Karaoke 5

Karaoke 5 is the next best karaoke software along with presenting a variety of interesting features such as synchronizer, syllabication, mixer, and others. This software also helps multi-language so that it is suitable for users from various parts of the world.

Interestingly, apart from karaoke, this software can also be used to modify and trigger karaoke files. However, to use the next feature you need to register and also pay a subscription fee for the activation process.

4. KaraokeKanta

KaraokeKanta is a feature-rich karaoke software for computers. Some of the next features include synchronizing tone and song recordings, playing MID and KAR formats, swapping voices and triggering virtual bands, as well as changing the tone and speed of songs.

In this software you can also save and customize songs into folders so that they are easy to find if you want to sing them again. KaraokeKanta is also available in a paid version if you’re craving more advanced features.

5. One Karaoke

Next, there is one of the best karaoke software to consider, namely One Karaoke. This software is ideal for karaoke at home, hotels, restaurants, especially certain areas for karaoke.

This software along with a simple interface is very easy to use and can be used even by ordinary people.

This application is able to mobilize files together with a variety of different formats. One Karaoke is actually designed specifically for people who like karaoke, but want to karaoke at home without the need to go to the karaoke area.

Come on, directly install One Karaoke on your PC and sing your favorite songs whenever and wherever you want.

6. Aria Karaoke Pro

The next application that can be used for karaoke is Aria Karaoke Pro. This application which is made by Digital 1 Media has an interface that is not much different from other applications so that it is equally easy to use.

There are also more than one interesting feature that adds to the ease of navigation. For example, you can adjust the volume and pitch of the notes while the song is playing. Then, there is also the Karaoke Locker feature for shopping for various song tracks that number up to tens of thousands. That’s a lot, isn’t it?

If you don’t want to buy tracks in the application, you can also add your own songs using the available buttons, either by scanning folders, importing from a playlist file in M3U format, or selecting songs manually.

Unfortunately this application is freemium. For those of you who crave to get the total premium features, you need to buy a Pro license for IDR 1.2 million. Let’s download Aria Karaoke Pro at this link!

7. Siglos Karaoke Professional

Siglos Karaoke Professional is the right choice if you crave karaoke software that is equipped with various advanced features. Yes, unlike other software designed for general users, Siglos is made specifically for professionals.

Its advanced features include singer rotation management to adjust singer’s schedule, singer announcement to inform singer’s name, and promotional features for promoters as well as bar and karaoke club owners.

Of course, its complete features are then not presented for free. This Siglos Karaoke Professional software retails for $99. The next price doesn’t include the song because you need to buy it separately. But you can still use videos from YouTube if you don’t want to buy the songs.

If you own a karaoke bar or business, then this software is worth having. However, if it is only for special use, it is better to use other software because Siglos does not have an online library, there is no web and mobile version, and it also looks less friendly for ordinary users.

8. PCDJ Karaoke

PCDJ Karaoki seems to have corrected the shortcomings of Siglos, namely by presenting a better facial appearance but still equipped with professional features. In general, this software is easier to operate than Siglos.

This software is equipped with various high-end features such as support for various file formats, singer rotation, and singer display. This software also has an intuitive library and is able to display lyrics on two screens at once.

Karaoki also has a cloud-based song library called KaraokeCloudPro. The next library has more than 13,000 song collections and can be opened with a subscription fee of $99 per month. The Karaoki software itself retails for $99.”

9. iStar

The next software is iStar which is also specifically for Mac users. This software can be downloaded for free and has an interface that is easy to operate by anyone. How to use it is also quite simple, enter a song, plug in the mic, and start singing.

This software supports almost all types of popular file formats such as KAR, AIFF, MP3, and others and is also capable of importing songs from CDs. All the basic features of a karaoke app are found in iStar, but if you’re craving a more feature-rich app, then go for kJams.”

10. kHours

kJams is a karaoke software that is specifically for users of the Mac operating process. Its interface is very similar to iTunes so it can be easily operated by Mac users.

The way it works is also not much different from the music player made by Apple, where we just need to add additional songs to the library and then click play to feel singing.

kJams comes with a lite version and a pro version. The lite version only provides basic karaoke features such as playing various music formats, adjusting playlists, pitch, tempo, and more. This software has also helped the use of Apple Remote control.

As for the pro version, there are various best features such as singer management tool, native iPhone application, and also being able to display lyrics on a second screen. kJams also has a built-in music store that provides a wide variety of the newest and most popular songs.

Although it consists of a lite version and a pro version, they are not free or free. Quoted from udemy.com, the lite version of kJams costs $40 while the pro version costs $110. Quite expensive for Indonesian pocket standards. Download

11. Advanced Karaoke Player

Want free karaoke software? You can choose the “Advanced Karaoke Player” software. This is an application to do karaoke on PC for free and it’s also easy. Not only that, even “Advanced Karaoke Player has a simple interface and doesn’t make you dizzy.

What’s more special, “Advanced Karaoke Player is able to adjust shared files quickly. In fact, you can mobilize shared videos with the format” MP3+G, DAT, MPG, AVI, MKV, MP4, WMV, ASF, VOB, RM, and RMVB . What are you waiting for, let’s get the application here.

12. Winamp Plug-in CDG

Are you familiar with the Winamp music player software? Yes, you can also rely on this software for free and easy karaoke. With the Winamp CDG Plug-in application, you can feel the sensation of karaoke in a cool and exciting way.

You just need to enter the song along with the karaoke format, then sing! Not only that, even this Winamp CDG Plug-in is able to play songs together with so many different formats and can be directly converted into MP3+G format. Easy, huh?

13. Walaoke

Next up, there’s Walaoke. This application developed by Walasoft you can use for free. The features brought by Walaoke are also quite complete. You can play audio along with various formats. Among them are MP3, MIDI and OGG.

The application is also capable of playing videos in MP4, WMV, AVI, and so on. When karaoke, the lyrics can appear immediately, especially with different colors for male and female tones. You can also change the font color of the lyrics according to your taste.

14. LYRX

LYRX is suitable for those of you who are looking for karaoke software along with a more modern user interface and features. For your information, if you use a Mac, the audio that is on iTunes can be directly imported into LYRX, you know. Very practical, right?

Of course, LYRX supports a wide range of audio and video formats as well, much like the software we’ve discussed here. One of the supported audio formats is MP3.

Oh yes, if you want to get a more exciting karaoke experience, you can connect a microphone to the device you are using. The fun thing is, you can also record karaoke activities together with LYRX.

There are many other features that users can enjoy in LYRX. Unfortunately, this software is paid. You can buy it right away for $79.95, or around Rp. 1.1 million.

15. TunePrompter

TunePrompter karaoke application is very easy to use. You can directly add MP3 format audio files to feel karaoke with this TunePrompter. If you want to add song lyrics, there is a lyrics search feature in the software.”

Find the lyrics of the song you want to sing through this feature, then copy and paste the lyrics into the software. After that, you just need to press the Sync Lyrics button to connect the lyrics you are looking for to the song you want to sing.

This application can run on Mac OS, and you can use it for free. However, TunePrompter can’t run on MacBook along with the latest OS like Monterrey or Big Sur OS. The application can only operate on older versions of Mac OS.

Those are some of the best karaoke software for PCs and laptops for Windows and Mac that are currently available. All karaoke applications are no less exciting together with karaoke areas, like Inul Vista, you know. In fact, more than one application can be downloaded for free. So, which karaoke app do you rely on the most?

Or are you happier karaoke via an Android phone? If so, if you crave karaoke via an Android device, please read the tips and tricks here.

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