10 Great Voice Editing Apps for PC, Android, and iOS

Whether for podcasts, song covers, narration, interviews, music or other tone recordings, it’s too absolute to make sure the end result of the following audio sounds clear and clear. To achieve good audio quality, tools such as audio editing applications are needed.

10 Great Voice Editing Apps for PC, Android, and iOS

Great Voice Editing Apps for PC, Android, and iOS

For those who are choosing an application to edit tones with features that suit their needs, Valay.CO has compiled 10 tone editing applications for various devices, ranging from those with simple features to more advanced features. Here’s the discussion.

1. Audacity

Audacity is a free tone editing application that can be used for Windows, Mac OS and Linux PC devices. Although this application is free, it is equipped with a set of editing and mastering tools that are usually found in premium audio editing applications.

In addition, this application includes being able to help all types of audio formats, provides features for live streaming and there are audio plugins that can help the editing tools of this application. It actually looks outdated, but this application is quite user-friendly.

The built-in tools and performance of Audacity make it one of the best options for free audio editing software for PC. This application can be downloaded via the official Audacity website.

2. Ashampoo Music Studio

For those who are looking for an audio editing application that is suitable for beginners and also compatible with Windows devices, then Ashampoo Music Studio can be an ideal choice. This application is equipped with a large waveform preview and at the bottom there are buttons for essential editing tools such as cutting, copying and so on.

But unfortunately, this application can not help multi-track audio editor, so it is more suitable for modifying simple audio clips. Even so, this application offers more features than just basic audio editing, such as features to design CD covers, convert various audio formats and also rip or burn discs. Download this app here.

3. Acoustic

The next recommendation for a tone editing application for PC comes from the developer of Acon Digital, namely Acoustica. The latest version, Acoustica 7, offers complete tools for editing, mastering and restoring audio that can be used for Windows and Mac.

This application brings features that can make the editing system more flexible, such as automatic editing tools for essential functions such as cutting, copying to silence removal. Then there is the double click function which is used to edit clips in multitrack automatically.

Acoustica 7 consists of two versions, namely standard and premium. For the standard edition, a fee of 59.9 US dollars or around Rp. 850,000 is charged. Meanwhile, the premium version of Acoustica 7 is offered at a price of 199.90 US dollars or around Rp. 2.8 million.

In addition, they also offer a trial version that can be used for 30 days for free. To download the trial version, you can directly visit Acon Digital’s website.

4. Oceanaudio

Ocenaudio can be an option for those who are looking for a free PC tone editing application with a simple user interface. This application is equipped with features that can edit and analyze audio files quickly and easily. In addition, Ocenaudio is also equipped with a wide range of audio filters, so users can listen to live previews of the following effects.

With Ocenaudio you can always open, save or apply effects while working on other audio files. If interested, this application that can be installed on Windows, Mac and Linux devices can be downloaded on the official Ocenaudio website.

5. Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition is one of the best sound editing applications for professionals. With Adobe Audition, users can digitally record, process, restore or repair and mix audio clips.

Because it is equipped with comprehensive features designed for professional needs, this application is priced at a hefty price, which is around IDR 280 per month or IDR 3.2 million per year. For those who crave to try this application for free, you can download the trial version which can be enjoyed for 7 days. Check here.

6. Hokusai Audio Editor

Hokusai is a specific tone editing application for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. This application is equipped with the ability to record or import audio files and trigger the sound to be as desired.

Hokusai includes a wide variety of filters and includes special effects for audio. Another interesting thing is that it can help with multitrack editing and there are tools that make it easy for users to share the audio project on social media or the cloud. This audio editing application is available for free through the App Store.

7. Lexis Audio Editor

For those who are looking for a simple tone editing application that can be used for mobile devices, then Lexis Audio Editor can be an option for you. This application can record and process audio files in various audio formats.

In addition to the basic editing tools such as cut, copy, paste and others, this application is also equipped with several effects such as normalizing sound, eliminating unwanted tones, reverb and fade in and out.

If simple features like these are what you need, Lexis Audio Editor can be directly downloaded for free via Google Play or the App Store.

8. WaveEditor

Wave Editor can be an option for those who crave a free tone editing application for Android with better features than simple audio editing applications. Wave Editor has tools for mixing and editing multiple tracks. Wave Editor is equipped with an in-editor audio recorder that can trigger users to record notes while editing other audio.

Then, the Wave Editor is also equipped with a zooming function that can make it easier for users to cut or copy clips accurately. In addition, this application can also help USB microphone. For those who are interested, Wave Editor can be obtained for free by downloading it on Google Play.

9. WavePad

The next recommendation for tone editing applications comes from the developer NCH Software, namely WavePad. This app is suitable for a wide variety of devices, from Windows, Mac to iOS and Android. WavePad is equipped with absolute tools for audio editing, such as auto-trim, cut, copy, paste and the like.

WavePad included can make it easier for users to eliminate background sound, fade inout, increase some sound effects, equalize audio and other features that can help users to achieve high audio quality. For those who are interested in installing the WavePad tone editing application, you can directly visit the official NCH website.

10. Voice PRO

Voice PRO is a full-featured audio editing and recording app for Android devices. With this application you can increase the background tone, mix and merge audio files. Then, there are features that can eliminate unwanted notes or vocals, increase audio impact, control tempo or volume and so on.

Unfortunately, the Voice PRO application cannot be used for free. To enjoy this application, you need to buy it on Google Play for around IDR 160,000. If it turns out that this application is not what you want, Google Play has adjusted its policy for refunds. Download here.

That’s the review of 10 tone editing applications for various devices and needs. So, in the ten applications above, which one can be your choice? Write your answer in the comments column yes!

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