10 Free Photo Collage Apps for PC & Smartphone

Do you have a large collection of photos on your laptop or on your phone? Try making some photo collages that you can print to use as decorations in your room or you share on your social media.

Now there are many free photo collage apps, which can turn your photos into interesting works of art.You can easily use this application on PC. Some of these apps are also available for Android and iPhone.

10 Free Photo Collage Apps for PC & Smartphone

Interested in making art with your own photo collection? To help you realize your artwork, here is a list of apps / photo collage / for PC that you can use.

Photo Collage Apps for PC & Smartphone

*1. Canva*

This online collage maker is a great choice for printing on canvas. Apart from PC, this web-based application can also be used on Android and iOS smartphones.

Unlike any other browser-based collage maker, most of the photo collage templates provided by Canva are free for users to use. However, there are also paid premium designs. These paid designs are clearly marked so that they are seen by the users who choose them.

Before creating a collage, users must first register by selecting a new username and password, or log in using a Facebook or Google user account.

Select / “Personal Use” / and the user will be presented with various menus, such as, social media and book covers. The only drawback of CANVA is that users cannot adjust the /output/ file resolution (despite the standard PDF or print quality options). Beyond that, Canva is an absolutely awesome free collage maker.

*2. Photo Grid*

This is one of the most sought after collage and collage editor apps. Photo Grid is a powerful photo editor that has tons of cool effects for anything you could ever want.

Photo Grid provides a perfect design layout for sharing on Instagram and other social networks as well. Applying cool filters and adding text to personalize your photo collages with photo grids is very easy and fun.

Photo editing and collage making can be easily done using photo grid and you will get the best results for your photos. You can select up to nine photos for the collage, and can define portrait and landscape designs for the best layout for your collage.

Another advantage of photo grids is their ability to combine multiple photos with different layouts. You can get the photo grid app on the Android or iPhone app store or on the official website for Windows and Mac.

*3. Collage shape*

Form collage IS / Platform / Photo Collage Maker Software. Just like some other apps, Shape Collage helps you turn your photo collection into beautiful and unique photo collages of any kind.

This app is very useful for making cards, posters, wallpapers, or even creating billboards or billboards. With tools and templates at your disposal, Shape Collage is an easy-to-use collage tool. This photo collage maker can be used on Windows and Mac.

*4. Phototastic Collage*

Phototastic collage, as the name suggests, focuses solely on collage issues. In the free version, users can add up to four photos in a collage. There are also several templates and even designer templates.

While editing the collage, users can adjust the spacing, change the background, add shadows, change photos, change the design at any time, and much more. Can also add text and stickers. Effects are available for photos and individual photos can be cropped/or cropped.

Photo Collage Apps for PC & Smartphone

*5. pic collage*

Pic Collage is a complete collage maker app. You can create three types of collages: /grid, template /, and /freestyle /. Pic Collage is available for PC and you can edit photos by adding text, stickers, graffiti and even taking pictures from web searches in this app.

What’s interesting is that you can create collages using up to 30 images. You can add effects, duplicates, clip images, and change the background of each image. The good news is that the pic collage doesn’t add a /watermark/ in its collapse result.

Pic Collage has everything you need to create amazing collages. Use the web search feature to find the perfect photo to add to your creations, share collages on social media, or print collages to keep at home.

*6. Fotor Editor Photo*

Fotor Photo Editor is a free online designing and editing application. This application serves the photography and image creation needs that you need. For those of you who need photo editing tools, effects, /retouch/photos, and even a social media strategy, this app is a good choice.

This application it even offers /beauty retouch/ and HDR boost for the images you have, in addition to templates to help with the process. This application for designing and editing online can be used on a Windows or Mac computer and can be found on the official website.

This app allows you to change the solid color border to the background. Although the photo is changed automatically, but if you change the template, the photo will lose some things. For example you cannot change the border or size of the image.

*7. Befunky*

Befunky is a photo editing and graphic design space. This app makes this activity easy for anyone who wants to get started with easy and fun editing.

The application has dozens of tutorials, processing / batch / for editing multiple files at once, vectors, graphics, attractive templates with text and even has the ability to design your own mobile wallpaper,

Befunky is a pretty strong competitor to the photo collage market. If you want to download this online photo editor app for Windows or Mac computer, you can find it on their official website.

*8. Photopad*

Photopad which is less than 2 MB in size combines collage maker technology with other photo editing tasks. Clicking on the collage option will open a separate window that houses all the collage-related functions.

You can add images manually according to /grid/ or select feature /grid/ automatically to add unlimited images. You can try adding 50 images and the photo collage will still be created without any delays.

While editing, even if you can choose the orientation and size of the collage, you cannot set a custom size. Backgrounds can be customized with solid colors, custom images, or available backgrounds.

Photo Collage Apps for PC & Smartphone

*9. Photoscape x*

The software is very easy to use and can perform all photo editing tasks including its ability to create photo collages. The app offers two types of collages – manual and automatic … the first is called /collage /while the second is called /merge/.

To make a collage, you can fit up to 11 photos in one frame. You will get different types of frames in /sidebar/right. Choose a frame you like and add a photo. Interestingly, if you change the frame, the photo will adjust automatically.

*10. Google Photos*

If you want to back up/save your photos and videos, one of the best options you can choose is to upload them to Google Photos, which is storage/cloud/. This app can be used for Android, iPhone, Mac, Tablet or Windows PC, as it is open to all platforms.

For those of you who like collages and are bothered by effects and writing, the best choice is Google photos because this app can do it quickly. You don’t need to download anything as long as you have a clean account and photo collection.

Start creating a new project, select your photo and wait for Google to create /eject /edit, you can only change the color and orientation of /grid/. It may be a simple product but you will get clean and attractive photos.

How? Easy isn’t it? All the apps discussed above provide all the convenience for you to create unique and attractive photo collages. After reading the discussion about 10 apps, what do you think is the easiest app/photo collage/ collage to use?

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