10 File Compress Applications to Make Sending Files Easier

Sometimes you want to share files with friends but get stuck because the files you can send are really big. However, currently sharing large files is not a problem again.

You can use an application that can compress files. Files that have been compressed can reduce file delivery failures because their size has changed to be smaller.

There are many applications for compressing files. Choosing which apps are good to use can sometimes be a chore. In order to streamline the search for applications, here is a list of the best file compression applications that can be used on a PC.

10 File Compress Applications to Make Sending Files Easier

Want to be clear what the application is? Check out the following reviews.

File Compress Applications to Make Sending Files Easier

1. Hamster Zip Archiver

Maybe this name still sounds less familiar to the ear and is not a name that comes to mind while imagining a file compression application. However, Hamster Zip Archiver has great features, a carefully designed interface, really good formatting help, and it’s completely free.

Its incredible ease of use is what makes this program attractive. Even people who are not familiar with the idea of ​​compressing or decompressing files can find this application easy to use and achieve the results they want.

Creating and extracting archives is enough with the drag and drop system, and a handy addition is cloud support. This means that we can, together quickly and easily, create compressed files, upload them to Dropbox, OneDrive, or Google Drive to automatically create shareable links.

If we compress files to share them, this app is a great choice. If you’re not a fan of the drag-and-drop interface, you can use the Windows context menu to sort things out. The choice is yours.

2. WinRAR

The RAR Archive’s incredible compression rate is well known to many users. All compress applications are capable of extracting RAR archives but are unable to create them. Considered the best file compression application, WinRAR is able to do both. WinRAR is able to compress files into almost every format.

The app has a wizard mode that handles all your work in its own way. Although the interface is not very attractive, it is one of the best. Unfortunately, its full RAR help stands apart. There is a 30 day trial version to try the theme and compression speed.

3. 7-Zip

7-Zip is one of the best and free file compression applications. This application is an open source application with a size of 1 MB which is quite light. 7-Zip brings a wide variety of features that can zip and unzip almost all compressed file formats.

Its sleek interface rivals other paid apps. Strong AES-256 bit encryption, self-extracting power, integrated file manager, plugin for FAR manager and integration with Windows Shell, 7-Zip is really suitable for commercial sector and business use.

The 7-zip app is also capable of splitting archived files into multiple volumes for better space management. Altogether 7-Zip is an excellent unzip program worthy of choice.

4. zipware

Zipware is known to bring efficient file compression power. The app comes with a smartly designed interface and an integrated virus scanner capable of supporting archive files up to 32 GB.

Not only does it have benefits for file archiving, this application is also able to create password protected files and split archive files into different volumes. Zipware is a free file compression tool that supports various formats such as RAR, ZIP, ISO, CBR, WIM, TAR, PPMd, and many more.

File Compress Applications to Make Sending Files Easier

5. WinZip

WinZip is the oldest application of all existing file compression applications. This application has reached version 22 and is still present until now. WinZip has a paid version. Maybe you’re wondering from the large number of free alternatives, why people would choose WinZip.

This file compression application is enhanced along with several features in the integration with Microsoft Office for compressing shared files easily. The standard version of WinZip provides suitable file splitting along with media, cloud support, and advanced file sharing options.

WinZip has a completely responsive interface for different devices. To keep files safe and encrypted together, there are good backup and security features. The latest version of WinZip 22 comes with lots of interesting features like an image format converter, Slack support, and an improved UI.

6. ZipGenius

Another application that can be an option and worth considering is ZipGenius. Fast free file compression app and nice it is a versatile file manager tool for Windows. This oldest compression utility tool was founded in 1997. ZipGenius is ideal for beginners due to its easy UI navigation.

ZipGenius brings the power to do more than 20 types of file compression in several formats as well as RAR, ARC, 7-ZIP, CAB, ZIP, ARJ and others. There is a CZIP encryption feature, which easily includes ZIP files in packages that are secured with a strong encryption algorithm.

7. PeaZip

Another free compression app for Windows and Linux is PeaZip. Peazip looks simple but is really powerful. In addition to the usual compression and decompression options, you can also use PeaZip to convert archives to .

For security, this file compression app also offers AES256-based encryption and two-factor authentication, as well as a password manager. Like the other compression tools on this list, you can use the main program interface and use the context menu.

PeaZip is a compression tool that can create and extract RAR files. If you have WinRAR installed, PeaZip can use the following apps to get full RAR help.

8. Ashampoo ZIP Free

Ashampoo ZIP Free is fully compatible with Windows devices and can support reading and writing archive files. The app is seen with a strong file encryption mechanism alongside 256-bit AES strength.

The Ashampoo Zip Free app displays zip file progress reports on your system screen and allows quick access to necessary features with a tile based design. You can also re-adjust the tile design to give your screen a special touch.

9. Express Zip File Compression

The Express Zip File Compression application from NCH Software is an intuitive and efficient application for file compression. This application supports several formats including .zip, .rar, .tar, .gzip, .7z, .cab, .iso, .img img, .dmg, .arj, .jar and many more.

For home and regular users there is a free version. This version can be used to perform tasks related to everyday file compression such as compressing, decompressing, unzipping files, and compressing files for email transmission.

In addition, this application is also able to connect compressed files with data archive formats such as RAR, 7Z, TAR, and CAB. You can use this app to compress and reduce the size of the files you want to share with your family and friends.

10. IZArc

If asked to describe this file compression application in three words, it would be fast, easy and free. The most flexible compression tool is named IZArc. It’s quite easy to use and if you haven’t used a file compression application before, then this application can be an option.

The range of supported archive formats includes: ACE, MIM, ARJ, MBF, ZOO, ZIP, CAB, CPIO, CDI, DEB and almost all formats. In addition, this tool allows you to use the drag & drop feature from and to Windows Explorer. You can also connect CD image files and convert files.

These ten file compression applications make all your work easier. You don’t have to be confused about sharing or sending large files. So, from all of these file compression applications, which do you think is capable of actually compressing files to produce small files?

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