15 Best Zodiac Horoscope Apps on Android Smartphones

Are you sure about the zodiac predictions? Zodiac is probably quite popular among teenagers. The popularity of the zodiac creeps up because of the presence of various predictions that are adjusted to the month of birth.

Some people believe it and some just take it as a joke. Even so, the zodiac forecast application turns out to be quite popular on Android, you know.

For those of you who believe in getting a zodiac forecast or just for fun, you can try out one of the 10 zodiac forecasting applications that are fairly popular on the PlayStore.

15 Best Zodiac Horoscope Apps on Android Smartphones

These 10 zodiac forecast applications can, on average, provide additional daily zodiac forecasts. Curious? Here’s a look at a review from Valay.CO

Best Zodiac Horoscope Apps on Android Smartphones

1. Daily Horoscope

This zodiac application is fairly popular. It is proven by the number of downloaders of more than 400,000 who have downloaded and installed this application. This application with the developer Comitic provides zodiac forecasts every day, you know.

Twelve complete zodiac signs can be given a forecast according to the date and month of birth. In fact, when you get the zodiac forecast for today, the Daily Horoscope can provide additional forecasts for the next day, you know.

In addition, the Daily Horoscope application provides a feature where users can watch the forecast for the last week. You can also set settings to get notifications every day from the Daily Horoscope. Are you sure with this one application? Click here to download the application.

2. Horoscopes

Want to have a more accurate zodiac forecast application? You can use Horoscopes app. In its application, Horoscopes, collaborates with astrologers to calculate a more accurate zodiac forecast.

In addition to working with astrology, this application can also provide additional daily forecasts for each zodiac such as Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.

In fact, this one application can provide additional assessments and calculated predictions about the person you like or even your partner, you know. Interested in tasting the Horoscopes app? Just click here to download the application.

3. 2018 Horoscope

Not only can you get daily forecasts, even weekly, monthly, even yearly forecasts. Just click here to try out one of the zodiac prediction applications that can find out daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly forecasts.

2018 Horoscope, an application that is fairly complete. In addition to the zodiac forecast, this application is also equipped with a character prediction feature, where users can find out how to characterize themselves. This application also claims to be able to find out if you are compatible with your partner or your crush.

This application is a free application without having to pay anything. And another feature, 2018 Horoscope, is an offline application. This means that you do not have to be connected to the internet to get your forecast.

4. Free Horoscope

Want to know or just have fun with the zodiac forecast in th. this is even in th. next? The Free Horoscope application can provide additional forecasts every year, every day, even every month, you know.

Free Horoscope can also provide additional zodiac forecasts for the next day. So, the hope of the Free Horoscope application is that its users can prepare everything for tomorrow.

Not only the zodiac, even applications that claim to be able to predict through this zodiac can also read predictions through tarot forecast cards. You are interested? Just click here to download.

5. Horoscope and Tarot

Not much different from the Free Horoscope zodiac forecast application, Horoscope and Tarot also offers zodiac forecast features including predictions with tarot cards. Not only that, even this application also claims to be able to predict your career and also your love.

You can believe it or not, but the application that is shaded by the developer horoscope.com is claimed to be able to provide additional directions and answers to your predictions accurately. You can even find out if you are compatible with someone. Interested in trying the Horoscope and Tarot app? Just click here and ready to download.

6. Daily Horoscope – Somapps

Back again with the zodiac forecast application with the name Daily Horoscope. Indeed, this application is not much different from the previous application, it’s just that the developer who makes the application makes the difference.

For the Daily Horoscope, which is made by Somapps, it has a feature, of course, giving additional zodiac forecasts every day. In addition to these features, Daily Horoscope can add additional zodiac pairs that are suitable for your zodiac sign. You can even find out the characteristics of your friends, you know.

Not satisfied until the features are not complete enough, Daily Horoscope even embeds a lucky number feature, where users can be notified of lucky numbers as well. Are you interested in knowing your lucky number? Click here and find out your lucky number.

7. Free Daily Horoscopes

This time the zodiac forecast application comes with the name Free Daily Horoscopes. The application carried by the Free Horoscopes developer, of course, provides daily zodiac forecasts. Just enough to use an Android smartphone, users can find out the forecast matches the zodiac they have.

And for users who want to get not only zodiac forecasts, you can use the paid Daily Horoscope application. In the paid application, users can enjoy the features of career predictions, romance including personality. Ready to know the zodiac forecast with the Free Daily Horoscopes app? Just click here and immediately download the application.

Best Zodiac Horoscope Apps on Android Smartphones

8. Free Daily Horoscope – Astrospeak

Having the same application name with different developers of course. However, actually this one application is often referred to by the name Astrospeak. Astrospeak is not much different from the previous application. Users can get daily, weekly and even monthly forecasts.

In addition, the lucky number feature is also embedded in the Astrospeak application. The users of the app can find out the lucky numbers for today, next week and even for the whole month.

Even you can ask about anything for your life prediction and Shri Ram Charit Manas Prashnavali or Ramayana can answer all your questions. So, are you sure with this one application? Just click here and ask all about Ramayana.

9. Daily Horoscope – AstroYogi

Again the zodiac application with the same name but different developers of course. In the Daily Horoscope application made by AstroYogi, it offers daily zodiac forecast services from the zodiac Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.

Not only daily, even weekly including monthly forecasts can be given to you from the Daily Horoscope AstroYogi application. In addition to the zodiac, users can also find out Chinese-style forecasts, too.

If other applications offer lucky numbers, it is different with this one application. Not only lucky numbers even lucky colors can be notified by the application. Interesting and interested? You can download the application here.

10. Horoscope Zodiac Signs Daily Horoscope Astrology

At the end of this there is a zodiac forecast application from the Coloring Team developer. This application, known as Horoscope, offers daily zodiac forecasts for Horoscope users. Even this application claims to be able to provide additional forecasts calculated every week and month for users.

Divination for one year. in the future did not escape the features attached to the Horoscope. For those of you who want to read the characteristics of yourself, you can use the Horoscope application as well. There are elements of water, fire, wind, including earth that can describe each of your characteristics. Interested in tasting this application? Just click here and get the forecast.

11. Zodiac Horoscope

Zodiac Horoscope is here as an application for those of you who are curious or just for fun knowing the zodiac forecast. Every day, Zodiac Horoscope can provide additional predictions about love, work, friendship, and more.

In addition, the Zodiac Horoscope can predict lucky colors and count lucky numbers. Well, if you don’t want to miss the forecast every day, then you can activate the notification feature and Zodiac Horoscope can always provide additional notifications for each forecast. Interested in trying it?

12. Horoscope Secret

The uniqueness of this Horoscope Secret application is that the theme carries nola crystals like you go to a fortune teller. Yes, in Horoscope Secret you can be given daily forecasts about your partner, position, including your daily life.

Not only that, you can even read articles about the existing zodiac signs, if you want to know the Scorpio zodiac, then you can read the Scorpio zodiac article. Pretty interesting, right? Let’s get the free application here.

13. Horoscope of Birth

You can also find out the zodiac forecast based on the date of birth that is adjusted to your zodiac. Well, if you want to find out it’s easy, just download the Horoscope of Birth application. In this application, you can find out predictions about the relationship of love, family, friendship, to career.

Uniquely, you can activate notifications and make your daily forecasts as wallpapers and widgets on your Android phone screen. Very interesting and fun, huh? Interested in trying it?

14. Love Horoscopes

If you look closely from the name, you may have guessed that Love Horoscopes is actually more devoted to zodiac predictions about your love. With this Love Horoscopes application, you can find out if you are compatible with your partner, or even have a better match than him.

In addition to love predictions, Love Horoscopes also tell about lucky numbers. This lucky number can be different every day and is related to each zodiac sign. How, curious about your romance and lucky number?

15. Horoscopes – daily fortune

One more application for fortune telling based on the zodiac, namely Horoscopes + daily fortune. By relying on this application, you can find out the daily forecast based on the zodiac. You can find out today’s fortune from Horoscopes + daily fortune. Oh yes, this application can also always update the forecast for you by using the notification feature, yes.

So, those are the ten zodiac prediction applications that can be used on your Android smartphone. Can you be sure or not even just for fun, which application do you think is the most interesting?

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