10 Best Voice Recorder Apps for Laptops and PCs

Recording sound can now be done through any media, including our laptops. To be able to do this, you have to support your laptop with a special application.

Fortunately, now there are various voice recording applications that can be installed on laptops. Of the various applications, some of which we will recommend for you.

10 Best Voice Recorder Apps for Laptops and PCs

What are some of those applications? Let’s just take a look at the discussion below!

Best Voice Recorder Apps for Laptops and PCs

*1. Audacity*

This is one of the most popular voice recorder apps. Many people have used this application on their laptops. The advantage of this application is that it looks simple, especially in terms of / Graphic User Interface / (GUI).

The large selection of /tools plugin/ is another advantage of this application. Not only for recording, Audacity is also suitable for editing sound. Audacity is very suitable to be operated on Windows, MAC OS, and Linux operating systems. You can download Audacity directly on the official website.

*2. FL Studio*

Developed by Image-Line, this application has quite a lot of features. Not only for recording sound, but also for editing, arranging, and doing / mixing / sound.

This application is suitable for recording and making music. Mainly, to make /loop/ and /beat/ in a musical arrangement. There have been many world musicians who use this application.

David Guetta, Alan Walker, and Afrojack are three of them. Are you interested in downloading this application? Just download it directly via the official site here!

*3. Free Sound Recorder*

If you want a free voice recorder, this application is one that is /recommended/. Besides being free, you don’t need to register if you want to download and use this application.

How to use this application is listed on the official website. You just need to follow it as best you can. You can save the recordings from this application in various formats, from MP3 to WAV. You can download Free Sound Recorder here.

*4. Adobe Audition*

You could say that this is a fairly old application, because it has been around since 2003. Since it was first created, this application has been continuously updated to make it more relevant to use.

Adobe Audition itself is designed with the concept of multitrack digital audio / recording, mixer /, and / editor/. Through this application, you can record voice at once / instrument music /, as well as other sounds that you need.

You can also combine various /track/ sound via this application. You can also improve the sound quality if you feel it’s lacking. If you want to buy or try this /free trial/ application, just visit this site.

Best Voice Recorder Apps for Laptops and PCs

*5. Jet Audio Basic*

Apart from recording sound or musical instruments, this application can also read audio files, and even videos. So, if you have an audio or video file that is difficult to open, you can open it using this application.

This application can also rip/ripping/file from DVD to VCD, also convert audio files into video. You can also play music and videos with this one application.

The good news is, you can get all of these advantages with a pocket of Rp. 0 rupiah or free. If you are interested in using this application, please download it directly here.

*6. Garageband*

Developed by Apple, this application is suitable for you who want to record sound for various purposes. Whether it’s for making songs or making podcasts.

This application is commonly used by independent musicians who are making songs or albums for the first time. Unfortunately, this application is only suitable for Mac OS system laptops. If you are interested in using it, just download it here.

*7. Filmora Scrn*

If you want a fairly simple voice recorder application, you can choose this application. This application can be downloaded for laptops with Windows or Mac OS programs.

In addition to recording sound, you can also record and edit videos in this application. The features themselves are quite complete and can help optimize your voice or video recordings. Filmora Scrn you can download here.

*8. Oceanaudio*

The appearance of this application is actually a bit less clean. In contrast to the appearance of the website which is quite neat. Even so, this application is still relatively easy to use.

The features are also quite diverse. You can use it for various systems. Starting from Windows, Mac OS, to Linux. In addition to recording and editing it, you can also improve the quality of the recordings that you have made before.

There is an interesting story behind the creation of this application. That said, this app was created by a research group at the Federal University of Santa Catarina in Brazil. This application was originally created to help them to edit audio easily.

Over time, this application can also be used for the general public. If you want to use this application to record sound, please just come here.

*9. SoundForge*

This application developed by Magix Software is intended for those who are professionals and semi professional. In addition to recording and editing sound recordings, this application also allows us to process our recordings.

The features themselves vary. Multi-channel or Multitrack Recording, Disc Description Protocol Export, Real-time Sample Level Wave Editor, and Voice Activity Detection are four of them. The app also supports VST and VSTI Effects plugins. To get this application, you can go directly to the official website here.

*10. WavePad Audio Editor*

Developed directly by NCH Software, this application can record and edit voice, music, or other audio recordings. You can also cut, copy, and paste voice recordings using this application.

You can also give special effects to the sound recording. Whether it’s an echo effect, a faint effect, or any other sound effect. The features themselves are quite a lot. Audio Restoration, Spectral Analysis and Batch Processing are three of them.

Abroad, this application is commonly used for educational needs. This is evident from research which found that the free trial version of this application was downloaded by many well-known university sites.

Usually, this application is used by students to manipulate complex audio recordings. Like several other applications, WavePad is also suitable for various systems. Whether it’s Windows or Mac OS. WavePad can be downloaded directly on the official website here.

Recording sound can now be done through any media. Including the laptop we have. To be able to do this, you have to support your laptop with a special application.

The ten applications above are some of them. You can use these applications for various purposes. Starting from recording and editing sound, recording music, creating podcasts or even making videos. Just choose which application suits your needs.

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