15 Best Screen Lock Apps For Android 2022

Have you ever “get annoyed with /stalker /who often flips through your phone? /stalker /can come from your friends, relatives or partner. Lock screen application that is more effective than screen lock /built-in /on your phone.

An unlocked screen can also cause problems, such as when you put your phone in your bag, your phone’s screen collides with other objects, then your phone will open unwanted apps or run other commands without your knowledge.

15 Best Screen Lock Apps For Android 2022


Best Screen Lock Apps

*1. Screen Lock – Simi Studio*

Just one click, and the screen lock will immediately unlock your phone screen. Yes, it’s easy to unlock your phone screen. It doesn’t need to be complicated, in fact there are three types of screen locks, namely in the form of “Home Button,” // Notification Button, “/or”/Floating Button. “/Three types of locking are equally elegant.

Apart from locking the screen, the screen lock which has been downloaded more than 1 million times also provides other useful features, such as /clean memory, application shortcuts, screenshots, flashlight, “/to”/panel notifications. “/Pretty complete, right? Come on, hurry up”/download “/Application here.

*2. Screen Lock – Time Password*

With Lock Lock – Time Password App you can set your current phone as lock screen password. As time goes on it changes every minute, so does the word being said, so no one can guess it except you.

This app offers a number of cool features. Examples like iPhone screen lock style, fully customizable lock screen, can customize sliding text (you can put your name or friend’s name on your lock screen), etc.

*3. lock screen | Screen Lock | Screen Off*

This one screen lock application has been downloaded more than 100 thousand times on the Play Store. This app itself was created to extend the life of the hardware power button using in-app features.

lock screen | Lock Screen | Screen Off has support for admin lock and smart lock system. Easy to use to turn off the screen and lock the device depending on the preferences you choose.

It should be noted that this app uses the administrator permission of the device you are using which is required to lock the app with admin lock. Don’t forget to read the written system settings permission to activate the system / smart lock / if needed.

*4. Lock Screen – Simi Studio (Pro)*

Screen lock from developer Simi Studio also has a paid version. The features that you can only get in this ad-free version are, of course, lighter and better, as well as unlimited access to all the features it has to offer.

This application allows you to be able to set the buttons to display in different locations, such as in the main display, in the notification panel, and floating in other applications. To be able to experience all your features, you have to provide around RP. 50 thousand.

Best Screen Lock Apps

*5. Gesture Lock Screen*

Q Locker creates and develops an application to lock the screen which is quite unique. In the Gesture lock screen application, the user will be released to create an image (gesture) to unlock the locked screen. So you can set “/gesture”/ according to your taste to unlock the screen.

Security “Gesture Lock Screen is also quite good where this application will take a picture of anyone who unlocks your screen. This is good again, there is also a feature”/fingerprint”/to lock your phone screen. How, this application is quite complete, isn’t it? ?

*6. Lock Screen Pattern*

Want to lock your phone using “/pattern/? Then, you can immediately download pattern lock screen. This is a simple application where you can draw “/pattern”/ to lock and unlock screen. How to use it is quite easy, first activate it this application is on the phone by clicking “*Enable lock screen.”*Then, create “/pattern”/To lock the screen. Finally, use “/pattern”/ for “/unlock”/screen.

Very easy and simple, “/really/? Well, besides being easy, this application is also equipped with several interesting features, one of which is “/wallpaper. “/So pattern lock screen provides lots of “/wallpapers “/interesting that you can choose from for free. Fun, huh?

*7. Semper*

This lock screen app is quite unique and different from others. The reason is, with Semper you will open the app by answering math questions or vocabulary practice first. With the Semper application, at the same time you can train your brain when you want to open the smartphone screen.

So, what if you can’t answer the given question? Semper allows you to skip the question and return to access your smartphone. However, overall this app is indeed interesting enough to give your brain or memory a little exercise.

*8. Floatify Lockscreen*

Still with a good lock screen app for Android phones, this time the app name is “Floative lock layer. You can lock your phone securely using different types of screen locks. When the screen is locked, you can also easily access”/music player/music “No need to do it” /open “/ on screen.

Also, when a notification appears in the form of a message or a call, you can reply immediately without needing to unlock the screen first. The good thing is, “Floative Lockscreen App is already”/Support”/ for Android that uses the latest OS, Nougat.

Best Screen Lock Apps

*9. Acdisplay*

AcDisplay is one of the best Android screen lock apps that can minimize the screen of your smartphone when it’s locked. This app will show a small icon if you notify your smartphone.

To open a notification, just hold your finger on the notification icon or swipe down if you don’t want to open it. The advantage of this app is its ability to detect your device when it is in your pocket or bag by disabling the screen.

*10. Photo Lock Screen*

As the name suggests, this photo lock screen will lock and unlock the screen using only photos. Unique, huh? So, when you want to open the screen, select some of the photos that appear on the screen. This can “beat” others so that your “/pattern”/ is not easily remembered by others. Want to try the app?

*11. DynamicNotification*

This ultimate screen lock app has a simple / interface /, so it doesn’t drain your device battery too much. In /default/, DynamicNotification has a plain black background and notifications will only show if the phone is out of pocket.

This app is really one of the best on this list. In fact, DynamicNotification also offers a /Night Mode/ which will disable all forms of notifications while you sleep.

If you’re not satisfied with the 10 app choices above, we still have some other great apps for locking the screen. The following is a complete list:

*12. Black hole – Lock screen*

Well, if “Black Hole – Lock Screen App will show an image like”/Black Hole “/ on your phone screen. For this type of screen, this app presents a screen lock with pin system alias in the form of numbers. Also, this app has a “/” feature. music control” /where users don’t have to bother opening the screen while listening to music. Interested? Can download “here.

Best Screen Lock Apps

*13. Diamond Zipper Lock Screen*

Yes, from the name, this application can be predicted if “Diamond Zipper Lock Screen Show Effect/Diamond/LockScreen/It. You are also released to choose”/LockScreen style”/according to Taste. Color”/LockScreen Style”/yourself ” /You know.”/You can do it “/open”/in a “/zip,”/both horizontally and vertically. Curious to try it?

*14. Lock screen phone notification*

Want to have “/Lock Screen”/Like the one on iPhone? If so, you should “download”/and try the “lock screen phone notification app. The reason is, it has a lock screen animation that will display like you are using an iPhone. Uniquely, this app even provides iPhone X and iPhone 8 themes.

Well, the screen lock type is not in the form of “/gesture,”/ but in the form of “/passcode.” So you only need to specify 6 numbers to generate “/password.” Take it easy, “lock screen phone notification guarantees security for every user,”/really. “/Want? Come on, quickly get the application here.

*15. “lock screen*

For those of you who want to use the application without being disturbed by the application, then you can “/download”/application “Lock screen. Besides being very good with features”/no adds/no, this application is also quite easy to use. To unlock the screen, you just need to press the button or the “lock on the screen” symbol. And most importantly, “Lock screen is a lightweight app that only takes up 33kb Places”/you know./

The setting to lock your smartphone’s default screen is quite effective. However, the ten best Android screen lock apps from Carisignal offer different screen lock modes and some interesting features that you may not get when using the screen lock mode / from your device.

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