16 Best Scanner Apps for iOS & Android Devices

Scanner is a technology that facilitates human work and the scanner has a function that is almost similar to a photocopier. It’s just that the scanner is more sophisticated. Photocopy machines in general can only issue two colors, namely black and white.

However, the scanner can remove various colors according to those on the paper. Scanners are usually found in printers. Although generally found in printers, not all image printing devices have scanners.

Very inconvenient when you want to do a scan, you have to find a printer machine that can do the scan. However, over time, you can scan or have a scanner on your smartphone. You just need to download the scanner app on your Android and you can scan just by taking a picture of the paper you are going to scan.

16 Best Scanner Apps for iOS & Android Devices

Very easy right? Therefore, this time Cari Signal will provide a choice of scanner applications on iOS and Android. Wre they? The following review.

Best Scanner Apps for iOS & Android Devices

*1. Camscanner “Phone PDF Creator*

The first scanner app on Android comes from Camscanner “PRICTER PDF Phone. This app makes it easy for its users to scan paper or documents by simply taking a picture on the paper to scan / scan.

In its features, the Camscanner application displays scan results with very good quality. Apart from that, you can also convert the file you just scanned to JPG, JPEG, or even PDF. Don’t be surprised if this scanner application is one of the business applications to support their work.

For those of you who want to download the Camscanner application, you can download it in the PlayStore application on Android. Or you can click here to download the app.

*2. Tiny scanner “PDF Scanner App*

Not much different from the previous scanner apps on Android, the small scanner can also scan or scan documents and convert them directly in PDF form. Or if you don’t want it to be in a PDF file, you can convert the results of the document you scan into an image.

In its features, the small scanner spoils its users with various advantages such as being able to change the scan result with various colors or only /black and white /only mode. In addition, you can secure your documents with the /passcode feature. If you want this app you can click here to download it.

*3. Fast Scanner: Free PDF Scan*

This scanner application on Android is also very helpful for those of you who need a scanner without a scanner or printer. This application provides several features that are quite helpful for you in scanning.

In this fast scanner application, you can scan multiple documents at a fairly high speed. No need to worry about loading too long, this application promises speed in the scanning process.

You can also directly share your scan results with multiple documents which you can even save directly in Dropbox or Google Drive. To download the Fast Scanner app, you can download it on your Android Playstore app or click here.

*4. Mobile Dock Scanner*

No less with previous Android scanner apps, this mobile document scanner is one of the most downloaded scanner apps by Android users. More than 44,000 downloaders have installed this one scanner application.

Apart from that, the mobile DOC scanner app has a definite rating from its users of 4.2. Users of mobile DOC scanner app are greatly facilitated in terms of scanning and also saving scan results.

Just like the previous scanner applications, this application can also create scanned documents in the form of PDFs or images. And you can also immediately send or share the results to Dropbox, Google Drive, email and more. You can click here to download the application.

Best Scanner Apps for iOS & Android Devices

*5. Camera Scanner Image Scanner*

Another scanner app on Android comes from the camera scanner scanner. In this application it allows you to scan quickly and also you can edit the scanned documents directly without having to open other image editing applications.

In this application there is also a feature that allows the user to bypass the scan. If you just want to take some scan results, you can directly crop or do the /crop tool / provided by the camera scanner scanner app. To install this one scanner application, you can click here.

*6. My scan “Best PDF Scanner*

My scanner is a scanner application that can help its users in scanning documents. This application offers quite interesting features so that users can create a single document into several pages.

In addition, this application also provides a feature where users can directly sign documents on your smartphone screen. This Scanner application is very useful for those of you who have a lot of documents because the My Scans application provides a feature where you can easily manage the scanned folders.

To download the My Scans application, you can search through the PlayStore application on Android or you can click here.

*7. Clear Scanner: Free PDF Scan*

Clear Scanner is also one of the scanner applications in supporting and facilitating the work of its users. In its application, Clear Scanner pampers its users with various features that are needed by Clear Scanner users.

The advantage of this Clear Scanner application is that users don’t have to worry about watermarks that will appear on scans or scanning results. In addition, users do not need to worry about the very large size of the scan results.

Because Clear Scanner can produce quality scanning results with a small size, of course it will not make your smartphone memory full. If you are interested in having the Clear Scanner application, you can click here to download it.

*8. Turbo scan*

Another scanner application for your Android this time is called Turboscan. As the name implies, the Turboscan application promises its downloaders or users to scan without worrying about loading too long.

In addition to the fast scanning process, Turboscan offers users the ability to directly edit the scanning results in the Turboscan application. You can also use a feature called the “€œEmail To Myself” feature.€

This feature will make it easier for you to save the scanning results to the user’s email or can be stored in Google Drive, Dropbox, and others. You can click here to download the Turboscan application.

Best Scanner Apps for iOS & Android Devices

*9. iScanner: PDF Scanner App Free*

Another free scanner application that is suitable for you is iScanner. In this iScanner application, users can edit the scanning results by adjusting the color contrast or /noise / in the scanning results.

The iScanner application also provides a feature where users can directly sign scanned documents through your smartphone screen. To download the iScanner application, you can download it on the PlayStore or click here.

*10. Simple Scan – PDF Scanner App*

Simple Scan – PDF Scanner App is a scanner application that allows users to scan quickly. In addition, users can also save the scanning results in the form of a document (PDF) or in the form of an image.

You can also set the size of your scanned documents to A4, Legal, Letter, and other sizes. It also provides a feature to lock your documents by entering a password. If you want to have this one scanner application, you can download it here.

*11. Office Lens*

Not to be outdone by other /developers, Microsoft also has an application to do /scanning easily without any hassle. The name of the application that has been downloaded by more than 270,000 downloads is Office Lens. With this application, you can immediately take a picture of the file you want to /scan./

If you have taken a picture, you can immediately get the shots like they just came out of the scanner / machine. / You can do /scanning / not only limited to documents, even Office Lens can also do / scan / business cards and so on.

*12. Adobe Scan*

Besides Microsoft, there are also applications made by Adobe that can scan / scan your documents. Is Adobe Scan, this application has several reliable features for scanning. /You can find ENHANCE, CAPTURE, and REUSE features. Want to try all the features? You can directly download and install the application here.

*13. Scanbot*

Scanbot can also be a smart choice that requires a good application for scanning. /With this application you can also get the results /scanning / in the form of PDF or JPG files. How to use Scanbot is also very easy, just take a photo of the document you want to scan, /then Scanbot will give results like a /scanner machine./

/Oh yes, /besides scanning documents, Scanbot can also perform /scanning /QR Codes and also Bar Codes /you know. So, you could say this application is quite complete, huh? And most importantly, Scanbot /support /with various cloud storage applications!

*14. Tiny Scanner Pro*

Well, if the free version of this application has been discussed in the previous paragraph, then this time Tiny Scanner Pro is a premium or paid version. Of course it’s different from the free application, because Tiny Scanner Pro doesn’t have annoying ads. Even better, you won’t be restricted to its use. If interested, Tiny Scanner Pro can be downloaded for IDR 67,000.

*15. CamScanner (License)*

Just like Tiny Scanner Pro, this is a paid CamScanner app and of course offers all the features unlocked. So, you can freely use this CamScanner (License) without any restrictions. Guaranteed, you will not be disturbed by the name of the ad. There is no /expire /to upload to Evernote/SkyDrive, everything can be done by paying IDR 27,000, interested?

*16. Scanner Unlimited: Scan & Sign*

This application, which is intended for Iphone and Ipad users, has many advanced features that make scanning/processing easier. /Not only for documents, Scanner Unlimited is also used to scan barcodes, QR barcodes, to business cards or /business cards/ which you can then save via the /add to contact/ feature.

Luckily with Cloud Sync, this application can also be directly synchronized with your Iphone and Ipad. Amazingly, supported by /advanced OCR technology/, this scanner application has a “convert image to text” feature so that you can edit the captured results. Without watermarks and annoying ads, you can easily edit and sign your scanned documents.

How to use Scanner Unlimited is also quite easy. Once the application is opened, the camera will immediately turn on and you only need to capture the object of the image. After that, the application will automatically separate the main image from the background. You just need to transfer it very simply, either via email, google drive, or dropbox. In fact, you can also send the scan results in the form of a fax, / you know /.

You also don’t have to worry about the security and privacy issues of your documents, because this application has protected them by using FaceID and TouchID. Wow, so complete isn’t it? /Scan, Sign and Send/ in just one application. Curious to try? Download the application here.

Well, that’s the choice of scanner applications on Android that are suitable to make your work easier. All of these applications will make it easier for you to scan and you just have to choose which application suits your needs.

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