12 Best Prayer Times and Adhan Apps on Android Phones

As Muslims, it is an obligation that we need to pray five times a day. However, daily habits sometimes make us unable to remember an accurate prayer schedule. Especially when prayer can change every day.

Here, you definitely need the best prayer schedule application that can be a reminder to perform prayers on time.

In this holy month of Ramadan, it is very necessary to be aware of the prayer schedule so that we do not give up prayer and at the time of the call to prayer to be aware of the imsak or iftar schedule.

However, you don’t need to worry because in this technological era, the prayer schedule and the call to prayer have been packaged in Android-based applications on smartphones.

Installation of applications when praying and adhan on smartphones for some people remains a dilemma for law in Islam.

12 Best Prayer Times and Adhan Apps on Android Phones

Best Prayer Times and Adhan Apps on Android Phones

When referring to Islam.nu.or.id, holding or carrying a smartphone that contains applications for the holy verses of the Koran is legally permissible, but it is necessary to uphold the Koran by not accessing the next software when in the toilet.

The number of applications for prayer times and the call to prayer that are circulating sometimes makes it difficult to find the best application.

This time Cari Signal will add 12 application instructions when praying and the best call to prayer on Android. Keep in mind! to read the application’s privacy policy before downloading it so that your data is safe and secure from the misuse of irresponsible people.

1. Indonesian Quran

Besides being able to read and listen to the chanting of the holy Quran, through the Al Quran Indonesia application you can also check the prayer and imsakiyah schedules which are equipped with the call to prayer alarm.

There is also a calendar of prayer schedules and daily imsakiyah, this feature really supports Muslims to stay closer to Allah SWT, especially during the month of Ramadan.

The application, which has been downloaded by more than 10 million Android users, is available in two types of themes, dark and light.

As for other features tucked into this Muslim application, such as Qibla direction, hijri calendar, prayer schedule widget to be installed on the home-screen, colored recitation, and many more. You can install Al Quran Indonesia by visiting the PlayStore or clicking here.

2. Muslim Player Times by Vmuslim

Luxury, one word that reflects the app called Muslim Player Times by Vmuslim. Because this application presents many features and menus that are useful for Muslims.

One of them is the prayer schedule menu whose location can be set by yourself, complete with notifications or electronic Adhan alarms consisting of 30 choices of muezzin tones.

For users who like to travel, this application features a Qibla direction tracking feature, and info regarding the mosque area and also halal restaurants.

In addition to having a Hijri calendar along with Islamic holidays, this Muslim application includes a menu of daily prayers, 99 Asmaul Husna accompanied by audio, to Islamic greeting cards. Anyway, Muslim Player Times is super-duper complete, right!

3. umma

This is umma, the most complete Muslim application that is lightweight operated by all Android phone users.

In addition to being able to read and listen to the chants of the Surahs of the Quran, through the application you can see the prayer schedule and Imsak accurately, set alarms and call to prayer notifications, and activate the countdown menu to the next prayer time.

In supporting the needs of Muslims in public worship, it also features a GPS-based Qibla direction feature, uVoice to pay attention to the best podcats during the month of Ramadan 2021, to social media and Islamic daily content that users can explore. You can download and use this four-star 12 application for free here!

4. Prayer Times, Qibla, and Adhan

Simple! That description comes from the interface system presented by an application called Prayer Schedule, Qibla, and Adhan from an Indonesian developer.

As the name suggests, this application features prayer schedules and Qibla directions based on the user’s area throughout Indonesia. Don’t forget to present the Adhan alarm that will ring when the prayer arrives.

As for the other menus that can be used to help the user get closer to Allah SWT, it feels like it comes from the Imsak schedule either during the month of Ramadan or Sunnah, is aware that the distance to the Kaaba comes from the user’s area, to support various languages ​​such as English, Indonesian, Malaysian, German, and so on. French. You can install this app for free here.

5. Salaam

This is Salaam, an Islamic application made by Samsung Indonesia! However, this application can be used by any brand as long as it is based on Android.

This application, which has embraced the Lajnah Pentashihan Mushaf Al-Qur’an Certificate from the Ministry of Religion of the Republic of Indonesia, offers a variety of features and menus that are useful for supporting the activities of Muslim worship.

Collaborating with Cordoba International Indonesia, users can enjoy a menu of necessary Prayer Times based on the user’s position, Qibla direction, daily and contextual content referring to the Islamic calendar, to Hajj and Umrah directions.

Getting a rating of four and a half, Salaam needs to be installed on your device especially during the month of Ramadan.

6. Usholli

Often bothered by advertisements? Come on, use Usholli! An ad-free application that presents prayer schedules based on knowledge comes from the official portal of the Indonesian Ministry of Religion.

This Android software brings a variety of very useful Muslim features, including mosque maps, Qibla direction compass, nearest city detection, and horizontal and vertical application widgets.

Users can also view the schedule for the Compulsory Prayers, Imsak, and Duha through an application developed by Mr. the Habibie.

You will be presented with prayer schedules from more than 500 cities across the country. This application has an easy-to-use interface system with eye-catching appearance and themes that can change according to prayer times.

7. My Prayers”€”Prayer Schedule & Adhan

If you need a prayer reminder application with an accurate schedule, you can rely on My Prayer – Prayer Schedule & Adhan. The application is in accordance with the schedule when worshiping in Indonesia.

This application has several other excellent features. Among them there are Qibla directions and Imsakiyah schedules. There is also a call to prayer notification that will remind you to pray automatically. Download the app here.

8. Indonesian Prayer Times

The next application is the Indonesian Prayer Time Schedule released by Kamal Kornain. This application will remind you to pray at the right time with the call to prayer alarm.

In addition to reminders of prayer times in Indonesia, the Indonesian Prayer Times application can be used when you travel abroad, as well as Malaysia and Brunei. You will still be reminded to pray according to prayer times in these countries.

The Indonesian Prayer Time Schedule also has several other features. Among them there is a prayer beads calculator, Qibla direction, daily prayers, and much more.

9. Muslim Go–Adhan, Prayer Times

Not to forget, there is the Muslim Go”€“ Adhan, Prayer Time application which will remind you to continue to worship continuously and on time. The application will announce the call to prayer when the time for worship arrives.

Besides being able to be a reminder when praying, Muslim Go”€“ Adhan, Prayer Times will also help you to be diligent in reading the Koran every day, with its digital Al Quran feature. Other information such as the Qibla compass, and also the area where halal restaurants are located. can also be accessed in this one application.

10. Muslim: Adhan Application, Qibla

Muslim: Adhan application, Qibla is one of the many prayer reminder applications that have full features. In addition to the alarm for worship, you can try reading and listening to the chants of the Quran verses from approximately 20 different reciters.

Not only that, the application is also equipped with Asmaul Husna readings, Qibla direction info, hadith, and others. You can use the application anytime and anywhere. In order to be solemn in worship, let’s download Muslim: Adhan Application, Qibla at this link.


Impressions are also no less good from all the same applications that are included in the list. In this application, there is a complete prayer schedule, from feeling necessary to sunnah. You will also be reminded to pray at the right time with a reverberating call to prayer, especially when the phone is offline.

IMPRESSION is also equipped with various features that support busy worship, such as Qibla direction, prayers for dhikr, and so on. Uniquely, the KESAN application has a U-Mart feature, where you can shop for halal products.

12. Muslimnesia

The Muslimnesia application was released by PT Muslim Indonesia Barokah in 2018. Until now, the application has been downloaded by more than 50,000 Android users. Muslimnesia is equipped with features that are fairly complete.

Among them there are reminders when praying in the form of adhan alarms and notifications, study info, digital Al-Quran, mosque areas, and much more. You can download and use the application for free.

That was a row of Prayer and Adhan applications that you can get and use on your favorite Android phone. Hopefully useful, especially for those who are looking for the best Prayer and Adhan applications.

With these prayer times, you don’t have to worry about being late for prayer. So, you don’t need to review the prayer schedule via calendar or television anymore.

Well, for those of you who need an application to read the Qur’an, Carisignal has summarized it in an article titled 10 of the best Al-Quran applications on Android.

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