15 Best Photo Background Editing Apps on Android

Tired of monotonous photo backgrounds and not contemporary? Maybe you need an application to edit photo backgrounds. Only with an Android smartphone, you can mutually move the photo background to your liking.

By using this application to edit the photo background, you don’t have to bother to edit it manually, you know. The reason is, you can move the photo background automatically.

15 Best Photo Background Editing Apps on Android

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Best Photo Background Editing Apps on Android

1. Cut Cut – CutOut & Photo Background Editor

Instead of using Adobe Photoshop on a PC, it’s better to just use a simple application called Cut Cut made by Glory Passion Network Limited.

This Android application is not only able to remove the background of photos, but can also make photos even cooler thanks to the presence of more than 200 filters.

With just one click, you can also quickly remove the background using AI technology that is quite accurate.”

Not to forget, users are also able to make their days more encouraging by applying love and motivational quotes, to make the photos “share worthy.

When else will you be able to remove the background as well as spread the love, right? Don’t hesitate, just download Cut Cut here.

2. Emoji Background Changer

Are your portrait photos not expressive enough? Maybe you need to add an emoticon pattern to the photo background.

Without having to have good photo editing skills, this can be done easily thanks to the Emoji Background Changer from Judi Studio. In fact, this application has used “machine learning” technology to be able to remove “background” from images automatically.

Do you have lots of photos that you want to edit? Don’t worry, all the photos can still look unique because there are already more than 50 emoji backgrounds that you can choose according to your wishes. Don’t miss this one application, get Emoji Background Changer via this link!

3. LightX

LightX is one of the best choices for those of you who want to change the background of your photo. Yes, indeed LightX is a photo editing application, but it also has a feature to change the background of the photo to be interesting.

It’s easy, you just need to crop your photo, after that the cut photo can be immediately pasted on the background photo you want. It’s done, now your photo background has been changed.

4. Change Background of Photos

Best Photo Effects developers are also not willing to lose in presenting practical applications for graphic purposes. Its AI ability to isolate the subject so that it is separated from the background is quite accurate, so you don’t have to manually remove the background.

What makes it unique is that it uses a “neural” networking process to erase everything in the photo except the faces of people or pets such as cats and dogs.

In just a matter of seconds, you can replace the old background with a new one. Interesting, isn’t it? Come on, download it and experience it for yourself via this link!

5. PicsKit Photo Editor

PicsKit 2021 is a photo editing application based on layers or layers, making it easy for users to turn ordinary photos into extraordinary ones in just a few ways. You can remove the background by using the eraser tool, or do it automatically.

In addition, this application also provides features to change the shape of the face and body so that those of you who are not confident enough with your appearance can still look stylish. Another uniqueness, PicsKit has a photo remix feature to produce a variety of double exposure photos that can be customized in depth.

If your cellphone camera fails to blur the background, this application also adds a bokeh effect to make it look like a DSLR photo. You can also add as many layers as you want as long as your cellphone supports it.

There are also more than 200 filters to make your photos even more creative, including cartoon, glaze, and sun blind filters. Do you think there are more filters waiting for you? Just find out by downloading the application here.

6. Ultimate Background Eraser

There is one more background eraser application that is rarely known to people, namely Ultimate Background Eraser developed by Iris Studios and Services. The features of this app may not be as fancy as some of the other apps, but the automatic deletion process is quite accurate, isn’t it!

Not only automatically, you can also use your finger to remove the remnants of the background that could be left behind. And there is also a “lasso tool” feature for more accurate selection.

If you have successfully removed the background, the next method is to choose one of the new photo variants to be used as the background. Download this application now by clicking here.

7. Pic Layers

Still not getting the app that suits your taste? This application called Pic Layer might be more suitable for you. The reason is, this application has a variety of unique effects and is easy to apply. With an easy and lightweight interface, anyone even small children can create beautiful photo masterpieces in one tap.

At first, of course, you can be presented with background removal, then after that the photo can be picked up and placed into any panoramic photo. Starting from the influence of neon, drip effect, double exposure, everything can be done. Suitable for those who are willing to make interesting illustrations for posters or banners. Try it now by clicking this link.

Best Photo Background Editing Apps on Android
Best Photo Background Editing Apps on Android

8. Auto Background Remover – Background Changer

By simply entering a photo into the application, the photo can be automatically processed and the background removed. If you can, try to include photos with clear color contrast, so that the accuracy is maximized. But if the background is not completely erased, you can delete it manually.

Then, this application made by BG.Studio also provides 50 aesthetic HD background options so you can upload them to Instagram and amaze your followers.

If the image is very dark, you can also adjust the contrast, brightness, and saturation levels without having to install a separate photo editing application. Get Auto Background Remover right now by clicking here.

9. AutoCut

AutoCut is no less interesting. Apart from coming from other apps on this list, AutoCut can also be used as a background remover against photos.

The services provided are also quite diverse, you can apply filters to make the subject of the photo be in a panoramic photo made using oil painting.

To add various decorations, AutoCut also has a very large and diverse collection of stickers. So you could say you can use AutoCut as an alternative to Instagram unless you are tired of the choice of stickers on the social media platform. You can download it via this link or by connecting to the Play Store on your smartphone.

10. Remove BG

Apparently one of the requirements to enter college is to include a photo with a blue background. Well, what if you only have the red background? No longer required to take photos in a photo studio. Instead of wasting money, just install the Remove BG application from this link.

Your background can be erased 100% automatically, you don’t have to bother erasing manually using your fingers which can cause gout.

If it’s been deleted, the background color can also be changed to whatever color you want. Or unless you’re having fun, your old photos can also be replaced with other areas, either from an existing template or using your own panoramic photos. .

11. Background Eraser – Inshot

The Background Eraser application from Inshot is able to support you to change the photo background according to your needs. As the name suggests, you can delete photo backgrounds automatically thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI) in this Background Eraser application.

In addition to being able to remove the background automatically, this application allows users to manually change the photo background by creating an outline for the part of the photo that they want to be deleted.

Another feature that can be used in this application is the background changer. You can change the background of the photo by using another photo that must have high quality. Download the Background Eraser app from Inshot here.

12. PhotoRoom

Next, there is the PhotoRoom application. Not only can you change the background of your special photo, this application can also be relied on to remove product photo backgrounds, you know.

You can remove photo background with just one tap. After that, you can choose a template for the background according to your needs. Oh yes, this application has more than 500 cool photo background templates.

It’s just that, to be able to connect all of these templates, you must subscribe to the Pro version of this application. But of course, there are still features that can be tried for free. Interested in using the PhotoRoom application? Download the app here.

13. ClipDrop

The ClipDrop application is able to make it easier for you to remove and change the background of a photo.

You can block various types of photo objects, such as objects and people caught on camera.

Amazingly, you can immediately change the desired photo background by pointing the camera at the photo object through the application. Try ClipDrop by downloading it via this link.

14. Blend

You can also easily remove photo backgrounds using the Blend application. In this application, there are more than 800 background templates for your photos.

This application allows you to edit and change the photo background as needed. For example, for product photos, YouTube channel covers, personal photos, and so on.

You just have to upload the desired photo to the app. Later, the Blend application can remove the photo background automatically and choose the appropriate background template. It’s easy, isn’t it? Download the Blend app here.

15. Slick

Slick offers a variety of features that can make it easier for you to edit photo backgrounds. You can use the automatic background eraser feature or manual mode.

Not only that, you can choose a specific place that you want to delete from the photo. Slick also offers undo and redo features that can restore edited photos to previous versions, or those that were recently deleted. Download the Slick application by clicking on the following link.

So, that’s a list of apps to edit photo backgrounds that you can use on Android. Easy, simple, cool, unique, practical, also free. Which one is your favourite?

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