10 Best Personal Finance Management Apps on Android 2022

“The big peg of the pole” is a saying that means more expenses than income. Many of us have this problem that they always have financial problems every month.

So, have you experienced anything like this? One solution that you have to do is manage your finances as well as possible. Some people may entrust financial accountants for the matter.

But now you don’t have to spend money on hiring a personal accountant to set up a monthly budget.

10 Best Personal Finance Management Apps on Android 2022

Just download some of the following financial control apps on your Android device. Then, this application will help you manage your finances in your daily life.

Best Personal Finance Management Apps on Android

*1. Andromoney (expenditure path)*

This app can track your income and expenses in a simple and detailed view. The app will display a detailed custom budget, a graph showing your expenses, and storage capacity via Dropbox and Google Docs.

This application will help you in determining the budget for traveling and watching movies, eating, gadget needs, household needs and furniture, for clothes shopping needs. Please download the application via the Play Store here.

*2. Money Lover*

Need an assistant to manage your personal finances? Consider installing money lover which is a very easy and practical financial control app.

Some of the features available in this application, such as budget, savings, and events are assigned to manage your expenses in a month for various needs, ranging from meals, transportation, and entertainment.

With money lover, you can control all kinds of your expenses practically. So, you don’t have to bother writing your personal financial statements on paper. Because now you can monitor your income and expenses only through money lover app.

*3. Monefy*

You have to agree that this app has a very /attractive /simple look. Yes, simplicity is required in the application of financial regulations.

The reason is, you are of course quite complicated in managing finances, if you have to look at complicated applications again, then your financial arrangements will be chaotic.

Monefy has several categories that you can use to manage your budget. / Interface/ simple and effective is the mainstay of this application.

You simply enter the amount of funds, then select the right category. This application offers convenience in managing your daily finances.

*4. Shop Book*

BookWarung is a financial application suitable for both personal and business. This application was developed to provide an easy, free and secure financial recording solution.

Plus, this BookWarung application has many reliable features that can make it easier for you to manage and monitor financial flows.

Call it * / record debt feature, / * You can record and find out the remaining debt of anyone easily. Just click the name, then all debt history until the remaining arrears will appear automatically.

Amazingly, everyone who is recorded in debt in this application will get a debt reminder via SMS automatically. SMS is sent using the BookWarung number, so it’s free and no hesitation!

In addition, the BookWarung application also allows you to find out easily and lose. So there will be no more stories about salaries that feel fast because of less regular financial management. ”

Another advantage of the BookWarung application is the security side, they store data online so that the data is not vulnerable to disappearing even if you change phones.

Best Personal Finance Management Apps on Android

*5. my finances*

Financialku is a good and safe application for managing your finances, because this application already has a CFP certificate/(Certified Financial Planner). No wonder getting a certificate because this app is very helpful in controlling expenses as well as income.

Here, you can specify “/budget”/ based on the finances in your account. So you can link “my financial account with your account.

If you are confused in determining “/budget”/or have financial problems, then “my finance is ready to provide accurate tips to manage finances effectively and efficiently.

*6. Spendee*

A reliable spending application to help manage your finances every month. Awards can record your expenses for various purposes. Among them like shopping and vacations.

You can also manage finances together with your beloved colleagues or partners through the shared finance feature provided by spending.

/Oh yes/, the rewards app can be linked to your bank and electronic accounts too. Try the app here.

*7. Money Manager*

The Money Manager app has a financial recording feature that can help you manage your expenses your daily and monthly.

This application will also provide financial reports consisting of daily, monthly, and even annual reports. You can download financial reports by money manager to your Android phone with various photos, one of which is a PDF.

The Money Manager application is available in two languages, namely English and Indonesian. You can download this application for free via the following link.

*8. my wallet*

In addition, there are applications for financial regulations made by the nation’s children again. Yes, this app is known as My Wallet.

My wallet can help keep track of your expenses, income and income. In fact, loans and other debt records are also available in this application. You can also add multiple bank accounts used in the Dompetku application.

This application will make financial reports on a regular basis. Of course, these financial statements can be understood by anyone who uses the application

My wallet. To maintain your privacy, this app provides password and pin which can protect your financial data. Download the Dompetku app here.

Best Personal Finance Management Apps on Android

*9. Expenses IQ*

Another financial regulator app you can try is IQ fees. IQ Fee will help you keep track of your finances, from expenses and income, to your loans.

In this application there are also some interesting features. One of them is a billing reminder that will help you pay your bills on time.

This application also provides financial reports that are easy to understand, and of course can be downloaded to your smartphone.

Not only can it be used to manage personal finances, this one application can be relied upon to manage company finances, you know. Try the IQ fee here.

*10. Sribuu*

Sribuu is also an application made by the children of the nation. This financial control app can monitor your spending and income activities on a regular basis. Whether in the account, or even spending activities for online shopping.

The Sribuu application can help you become wiser in managing your finances. This app will provide reports and create reminders so you can continue to manage your finances with more discipline. Download the Sribuu app via this link.

/Oh yeah,/ If you also need an app to keep track of your daily schedule, then you can quickly check out some of the best schedule reminder apps in this article. I hope this helps!

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