10 Best Music Player Apps for PC and Laptop

Music has become a part of our daily life. The accompaniment of songs always accompanies each of our activities, starting from studying to working.

If people used to listen to songs only from the radio, Walkman, CD player or radio recording, now there are many ways that can be used to listen to music without having to use these media.As technology advances, music players can now be installed on PCs, laptops or smart phones.

10 Best Music Player Apps for PC and Laptop

There are now a lot of music player apps for PC, something the old media might not do. The following is a collection of PC music player applications that you can choose from, including popular services / streaming / music.

Best Music Player Apps for PC and Laptop

*1. VLC*

This app is better known for playing movies or TV shows. VLC is one of the best media players for Windows 10 in 2019. This software also has the ability to fulfill people’s need for music.

With VLC, users can easily create /playlists/ from music collections on PC and play them. This application also provides a number of online radio services that can be easily accessed by users.

VLC is known to have a built-in sound balancer or balancer that comes with other advanced audio management features. The reason people love VLC is because it can play almost every audio and video format.

The availability of apps for almost all popular platforms makes VLC one of the best free music player software. Platforms that support VLC include Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, Chrome OS, Apple TV, Windows Phone.

*2. Spotify*

Perhaps Spotify is the most popular music/streaming service to date, and now the app is also available through the Microsoft Store. Spotify is the same desktop app as the others, with the addition of unlimited bonus updates via the store.

If the user is going to use Spotify, it is better to get the app from the store. Not only will users get access to Spotify’s vast content catalog, but users can also use it to play locally stored content.

The Spotify app itself is completely free to use. However, if the user wants to be free from ads that always appear repeatedly, choose the premium edition by paying a predetermined fee.

*3. Musicbee*

Musicbee is a free music player app made for serious music lovers. The app also offers many of the features needed to manage and enjoy a music collection of any amount. Even the music library can contain up to 500,000 songs.

This free music player app is designed to get the most out of users’ PC hardware, including top-end /soundcard /and surround-sound /, with /upmixing /for stereo sound. Continuous playback eliminates pauses between tracks.

This free music player supports almost all existing audio formats and converting files is the convenience offered by this app, with / pretend / for different playback devices. However, for /encoding/MP3 users have to download lame codecs.

If all that wasn’t enough, there’s an Android app to control music remotely, and support for /plugins/winamp. Users won’t find a more comprehensive free music player, and while it’s not /open source/, it’s completely free to use.

*4. Foobar2000*

There is no doubt that Foobar2000 is a music player software for true fans. This app is an advanced music player that works well on multiple platforms and has been completely built. Foobar2000 is also a free licensed application.

Foobar2000 supports a large number of audio formats, including some very obscure formats. Foobar2000’s layout is modifiable, which means it can be adapted to the user’s taste. Even foobar2000 supports /plugins/third parties to extend their capabilities

One of the plugins / third party is / Scrobbler / LastFM Music. There is no doubt that this app does have more functions and if users don’t like the look / default / simple, they can easily change the color or download / skin / new.

*5. Mediamonkey*

Mediamonkey is another free music player software that can help users clean up cluttered music collections. When you first see how it looks, the app looks like a redesigned version of WMP but with more features.

Apart from supporting various audio formats, MediamOneKey can also automatically tag audio files, helping users to sync files with devices as well as /streaming/audio over /network/users.

Apart from that, MediaMonkey can also like CDs and transfer them to DVDs and CDs, convert audio formats, manage volume automatically, and more. Audio Player for Windows Has / Special Jukebox / which can play a collection of user songs.

Generally Mediamonkey is a music app for Windows, but it is also available in the form of Android and iOS apps that act as /remote control/wireless. There is a premium version for the free music player called Mediamonkey Gold which comes with additional features.

Best Music Player Apps for PC and Laptop

*6. AIMP*

AIMP, like all the best free music players, makes organizing songs really easy. This application can help users even if their music collection consists of various types of tracks with various formats and locations, with incomplete or missing metadata.

AIMP libraries can be created using files from multiple directories and copying results from CDs, with automatic track numbering and charging tags to help users get a better library. AIMP supports a large number of formats, and additional encoders are available as /add-ons/.

Most music player extensions are additional visualizations and /skins/ which, while cool, have little practical use. In contrast, /plugins/AIMP includes some real functionality. The highlight is the YouTube extension.

This YouTube extension allows users to create /playlist/ from multiple videos, /add-ons/for/streams/music from SoundCloud, and an extension to control the player remotely. The app also comes with some unusual default devices.

Multiple devices, including an alarm clock function that starts playing at a certain time, Settings /Wind-Down /which shuts down the PC at the end of /playlists/, and deletion to create your own karaoke tracks.

*7. Clementine*

Clementine is a comprehensive music player app that supports internet music radio in an easy and convenient interface inspired by the old music player app, Amarok.

Even this app allows playback of music that has been uploaded by the user to services / cloud / like Dropbox, Google, OneDrive, and Box. If a user has a garbled library without tags, the default support for the MusicBrainz tagging service makes it easy to manage them all.

Apart from that, the app also supports finding and downloading podcasts locally. Clementine is a good choice for those who like to create weekly podcasts and enjoy lots of internet radio stations.

*8. Dopamine*

Dopamine is audio/open-source/for windows. This app looks like a UWP app made by Microsoft, which is different from the reality because this app is not made by Microsoft nor is it available in the store.

After completing a quick dopamine installation, what users will see and feel is enough to place this app among the best and free music player apps.

Dopamine supports a large number of audio formats, including MP4, OGG, WMA, M4A, FLAC, AAC, APE, WAV, and OPU. This music player app may be a bit behind in terms of feature set, but users can take advantage of things like auto meta tags.

This app can also display lyrics /real-time /, /scrobbling /last.fm, and more. Some features possessed by dopamine require users to run Windows 10 on their computers.

*9. Groove Music*

Groove Music had a not so smooth launch, being a bit of a half-hearted replacement for Windows Media Player, but improving support over time has turned this simple and intuitive music app into a piece of software to consider.

The app supports downloads for up to four devices and can sync music between iOS, Windows, Android, and Xbox, allowing users to listen to music wherever they want.

For users who store most of their music on OneDrive or on their Windows computer and don’t do much except play music, then Groove music is worth a try. Interested to try it?

*10. Windows Media Player*

WMP still makes it one of the best and free audio player software for Windows OS, even on Windows 10 because of the simplicity and ease of use it offers. If you don’t like the default appearance of this app, there are plenty of /skins/customs for WMP.

The application supports various audio file formats, and WMP can also play several video and image formats. Users can manage their song library efficiently, create /play playlists/, copy music, put music collection on CD or DVD.

This free music player can also import metadata from the internet. User can synchronize their music library with various types of portable devices using Windows Media Player. And like iTunes, WMP also allows users to share libraries with others.

For those of you who love music, there is not a day without listening to music. Music completes your daily activities. The list of music player applications for PC can be a reference for those of you who are still looking for the right and suitable application for your PC.

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