Best Movie Streaming Apps 2022

Best Movie Streaming Apps 2022

The Corona virus outbreak is forcing workers to work from home or commonly known as work from home (WFH).

Students also have to study at home, not at school. In such conditions, boredom will surely come. What kind of activities are fun to do? Most of you will probably respond by watching a movie.

Currently it is not possible to watch movies in theaters. Streaming movies is one of the alternatives. The reason is, the choice of movies offered on streaming services is very large.

 Best Movie Streaming Services

So, which movie streaming services are legal in Indonesia? Do Existing Services Offer Movie Streaming In the world?

1.Netflix – movie streaming apps free

This is probably the most popular movie streaming service in Indonesia. This American movie streaming service offers many movie titles from various parts of the world including Indonesia!

In addition to films produced by major production companies, Netflix also finances film production, especially for streaming services. There are also Netflix licensed movies. These two types of films are known as Netflix Originals.

Well, it’s this Netflix Original that gets a lot of attention. The reason is, the titles produced usually have unusual plots and stories (in a good sense) and are interesting to watch. Some interesting Netflix Original movies to watch are Stranger Things, Money Heist, House of Cards, and many more.

Recently, Netflix has also started streaming a lot of Indonesian films. Some very interesting titles to watch are What’s Up With Love, Tabula Rasa, For Dilan.

Netflix itself can be viewed on many platforms, including Android phones, iPhones, iPads, game consoles, and smart TV sets.

There are several subscription account options available, namely:

– Cellular, only accessible via cellular: IDR 49,000 / month

– Basic, SD quality, only accessible from 1 device per session, movie downloads to 1 HP / tablet: IDR 109,000 / month

– Standard, HD quality, accessible from 2 devices at the same time, download movies to 2 phones / tablets: IDR 139,000 / month

– Premium, HD, 4K (if available), HDR (if available), accessible on 4 devices simultaneously, download movies on 4 phones/tablets: IDR 169,000/month.

Oh yes, the fee is for subscription only. Internet rates, of course, are separate from subscription rates.

2. HBO Go – best app to stream movies

Do you subscribe to cable television? If so, you must have heard of HBO. For those who are not subscribers, HBO is a channel that contains movies.

Now, HBO is also present in the form of a movie streaming service.

Movies shown on HBO GO are different. What stands out are HBO films, such as Game of Thrones, Silicon Valley, Veep, Chernobyl.

Movies that just hit theaters usually don’t take long to get to HBO. You can now find Detective Pikachu, Shazam, in A Star is Born on the HBO Go service.

You only need to pay IDR 60,000 per month to enjoy HBO Go services. You can purchase this service using Telkomsel credit, Google Play account and Apple Store account.

If you subscribe to HBO on Firstmedia and IndiHome, you will immediately become an HBO Go subscriber at no additional cost.

3.iflix – stream free movies app

Looking for a fairly complete Indonesian movie streaming service? Iflix is ​​the answer. Indeed, this application is packed with many quality Indonesian films.

Some Indonesian films that are worth watching include Two Blue Lines, Hit & Run, to the Story of the Land of Java.

As summarized by Kompascom, IndiHome users with a 10-20 Mbps package can get a free subscription promotion for 6 months. For users of the 30 Mbps plan, you can get a free Iflix subscription for 18 months.

Not an IndiHome Customer? You only need to pay IDR 39,000 to watch VIP type videos on Iflix. There are also movies that can be seen for free, namely non-VIP. Despite everything, the film is filled with a lot of commercials.

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4. Google Play Movies – free streaming apps for movies

Of course, movie streaming services usually have a “free up-front subscription to watch any movie on the service for one month”. Well, Google Play Movies is very different.

This Google service acts as an online store, where you can rent or buy existing movies.

Rental rates also vary, between Rp. 19,000 to Rp. 25,000. If you decide to rent, you must watch the movie within a certain time after pressing the play button.

You can also buy existing movies from Rs 120,000 to Rs 125,000.

What Makes You Worth Using Google Play Movies? The collection of movies on Google Play Films is very complete, including the latest ones.

The Google Play Movies application is also very easy to access, usually found directly on Android-based phones.

5. Amazon Prime Videos – movie streaming apps for android

Amazon does not open e-commerce services in Indonesia. Even so, the Amazon Prime Video service can still be used legally in the country.

As the name suggests, Amazon Prime Video is a movie streaming service, just like Netflix and HBO Go. The films offered are from other production studios. In fact, like Netflix, Amazon also buys a lot of licenses or finances film production or is called Amazon Original.

Some of the Amazon original films that caught the eye were The Boys, Jack Ryan, the documentary The Grand Tour.

Even so, the cost of subscribing to this movie streaming service is only available in dollars. It costs 6 USD per month and can only be paid using a credit card payment method.

6. Click Movie – app for streaming movies

Another movie streaming application that can be your choice for watching movies online at home is Klikfilm. In this app, you can watch various movies at an affordable price, Rs 7,000 for a 7-day subscription (Klikfilm doesn’t have a monthly subscription plan yet). So what movies can you watch here? Since Klikfilm is owned by Falcon Pictures, don’t be surprised if you can watch the latest Falcon movie here. You can also watch the extended version of Dilan, you know! What’s more, you can also watch movies from Hollywood, Asia, and Indonesia in digital quality.

Especially for Indonesian and Mandarin films, Klikfilm has a fairly complete selection of classic films. Call it the Rhoma Irama film, the Benjamin S film, the Lupus film to the late Didi Petet’s version of Kabayan. As for Mandarin movie titles, you can watch classic Jackie Chan movies like Police Story or Armor of God. There is also a Bruce Lee movie. It can be said that Klikfilm is a small paradise for classic film lovers.

Klikfilm’s movie quality is fully rated for viewing on a device or TV (film quality ranges from SD to 760p). Paying for a subscription to this movie streaming application is also easy because you can use credit or digital wallets such as Ovo and Gopay. For Telkomsel and Tri users, these two cellular operators have provided special odds packages for streaming on Klikfilm.

7. Premiere Video – best streaming apps for movies

The Vidio streaming app also has packages that allow users to watch various local and international movies through their devices. Previously, Vidio was known as a streaming application for watching national TV online. Well, thanks to Vidio Premier you can watch quality movies and series. Call it Korean series like Descendants of the Sun or the movie Train to Busan.

The funny thing is, Vidio Premier has many classic Warkop DKI movie titles that you can watch all day at home. Another classic Indonesian film that you can watch on Vidio Premier is Nagabonar and the newest one is Notes Si Boy, complete from the first to the fifth film! There is no question about the quality of the film. Because the films (especially classic ones) that are streamed on Vidio are already digital and high-resolution versions. So that the image does not break when viewed.

Would you like to subscribe to Premiere Videos? You can buy two packages, namely Vidio Premier Gold and Vidio Premier Platinum which can be purchased starting from Rp. 15,000. Payment can be made by credit, funds or bank transfer. For device owners with Telkomsel or Tri numbers, you can buy a special quota package to watch videos.

8. Catchplay – best app for streaming movies

Unlike Klikfilm and Vidio from Indonesia, Catchplay is a Taiwanese movie streaming application. Catchplay promises users to be able to quickly watch the latest blockbuster movies (only 2-3 days after theatrical release). One of the advantages of Catchplay is that it has a free plan for its users and this free user can watch ten free movies every month (but limited to the “free movies catalog”. per month.

So what movies can you watch on Catchplay? As promised, you will be able to watch the latest cinematic movies. Be it Hollywood, Indian, Mandarin, Korean and Indonesian movies. For example, the films Free and Birds of Prey which were recently released in cinemas in Indonesia can be watched online through Catchplay. For fans of Taiwanese series, Catchplay offers a variety of the latest Taiwanese series that you can watch at home.

Would you like to subscribe to Catchplay? You don’t have to worry about payment because this movie streaming service provider offers various payment options. You can use credit cards, prepaid credit (for Telkomsel users), Apple in-app purchases (for iOS users) and even Go-Pay. Especially for First Media and Indihome customers, if you subscribe to Catchplay, your account will be directly debited to your First Media/Indihome account.

What movie streaming service do you use?

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