14 Best Live Broadcast Apps on Android

In today’s modern era, almost everyone owns and uses a smartphone or smart phone. This smartphone is very helpful for every user, from accessing the internet, watching movies online, even to doing / broadcasting live./

The live broadcast will be broadcast live at the scene at that time also live / live. Usually this is done by artists who do live broadcasts to see their daily lives. However, to do a live broadcast, you don’t have to be an artist..

Best Live Broadcast Apps on Android

Because if you are a smartphone user, you can also do live broadcasts like an artist. You can show your followers what you are doing in real time. The following search signals discuss the best live broadcasting applications that you can try.

Best Live Broadcast Apps on Android

*1. Instagram*

Who does not know this application for uploading photos and uploading videos? Almost everyone has an Instagram account to upload their photos and photo creations nowadays. However, besides being able to upload photos and videos, Instagram has completed its features with the addition of a live streaming video feature.

/Live on Instagram /This is quite a /boom /in various types of Instagram users, especially for today’s youth. You can immediately make videos and watch by your followers. In addition, your followers can like and also comment when you live stream videos.

Interested in trying one of the best live broadcasting applications on this one? Download here to install the Instagram app.

*2. Facebook*

Coming again from the famous social media application in Indonesia, Facebook. Not to be outdone by Instagram, Facebook is the usual social media app for chatting, sharing photos and videos, to update this status complement the app by adding Facebook Live feature.

Facebook Live first launched in America for apps on iOS and Android last year. However, currently Facebook Live can be enjoyed by every Facebook user. With this feature, Facebook users often do live broadcasts.

How to use it is very easy, you just press the status button like you would write a status on Facebook, then press the “Live Video” symbol. Well, after the press “go live.” However, before you can write a description of your live streaming video first.

*3. Youtube*

Now for this one application, it is also very familiar to the ears of smartphone users, especially for those of you who like to watch videos via YouTube. The YouTube app has also added its features with YouTube live streaming.

YouTube live streaming can only be done on a PC or on a computer device. Before you do a YouTube live stream, before you need to have a YouTube account first. Once you have an account, you can live stream.

In this YouTube live stream feature, you can schedule when you will live stream. Apart from that, you can also choose who can watch your live stream. You can also insert ads into your live stream for extra income. Want to try one of the best live streaming apps?

*4. Zoom *

Zoom is one of the most popular online meeting apps. This application can be used by people from all walks of life, including students and business people. With sufficient convenience and features, Zoom has been downloaded millions of times on the Play Store.

Zoom is free to use. Users can download up to 100 viewers into the online meetings they create. This application is also equipped with easy sharing of messages, files, images, indications, and so on.

*5. Skype for Business*

Skype is one of the most popular internet-based communication tools in the world. In addition to personal purposes, Skype can also be a reliable communication application for business people by using the Skype Meeting broadcast feature available in the Skype for Business version.

SKYPE Meeting Broadcast allows you to schedule, create and broadcast meetings or events for an online audience of up to 10,000 participants. So if you have a large audience and want to broadcast something important about your business, Skype Meeting Broadcast can help.

Best Live Broadcast Apps on Android

*6. tik tok*

Tiktok is a very popular short video sharing service. Tiktok provides various video editing tools and features that have made it very popular in different parts of the world. In addition, Tiktok also provides a live broadcast feature called Tiktok Live.

Tiktok Live allows users and creators to interact in real time. But there is an age limit for this feature. Users aged 16 and over can launch live and users 18 years and over can send and receive gifts when doing live.

*7. Bigo Live*

Another live broadcast application comes from i app called Bigo Live. This app is a live streaming video app that has an interesting host. Bigo Live was only launched in 2016, but one of the best live broadcasting apps is getting quite a lot of positive feedback among internet users.

In this application many users do live streaming videos such as cooking, channeling their talents and hobbies, and even making tutorials. Not only famous in Indonesia, Live Bigo users come from various countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, and other Asian countries. To download one of the best live streaming apps, you can click here.

*8. Tango*

Tango is an interactive live streaming platform for instant communication and new friends. This app is very popular on Play Store with more than 100 million downloads with Good/Rating/Good.

Apart from being famous, Tango users can also make money from their actions/livestreams. Users can meet people from all over the world and show their talents in life with Tango.

Tango users can play live games, share recipes, perform new music, or show off singing skills – and exchange fan gifts for real money!

Meanwhile, viewers can follow their favorite broadcasters and chat live with them. They can also give gifts to show support and become VIP viewers for special status. Get tango here.

*9. VK Live*

VK Live, is one application for those of you who want to “do” live broadcasts. One of the best apps for this Playstore editor, serving “/live”/community based apps. So you can broadcast live according to a particular community theme.

You can also watch “VK Live VK Broadcast Video and you can also interact with idols”/you know. “Fans. There are also comments, stickers, too” /heart. ” /So you want to live with” VK Live?

*10. Nonolive*

Nonolive is one of the best live broadcasting apps right now. This application provides or broadcasts various entertainment with most of the hosts are beautiful young women. However, in addition to featuring beautiful women, this application also often provides “/game // live streaming.

Unique from one of the best live broadcast applications that can be collected by host users or applications can collect gifts or so-called virtual gifts provided by followers.

This virtual gift can be exchanged in rupiah and will be exchanged directly from the nonolive application. Unique right? Interested in trying one of the nonolive live broadcast applications? Click here to download.

*11. Twitch*

Twitch is a multiplayer live streaming app for games and e-sports. Since the industry in question is so popular today, it is not surprising that Twitch has been downloaded more than 100 million times on the Play Store.

Through Twitching, users can watch video streams /games /live, /e-sports /, and all IRL broadcasts on Android devices. Twitch makes it easy for users to / stream / MMO RPG, strategy, and FPS for PS4, PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

This app has three main features. First, “Users Can Watch /Gamers /Play Minecraft, Fortnite, PUBG, FIFA 18, League of Legends and many more. Second, there is /Live Chat /while playing anything, /e-sports/, and IRL Broadcast. That is broadcasting You own game content!If you want to try, download the app here.

Best Live Broadcast Apps on Android

*12. Kitty Live*

If you want an application for live broadcasts that can produce HD video resolution, then try the “Kitty Live Application. The main feature in this application is of course, live broadcasting. However, on the other hand, Kitty Live presents some quite interesting quite interesting features.

In this app too, you can get “/gift”/or give “/gift.” Well, from “/virtual gift”/ you can level up, if the level is high, of course more people will watch your live broadcast, right?

*13. Livit*

One more app to do the best and coolest live broadcast, live. With this one app, you are released to choose any available filter. However, if you want to use a more complete filter, then you can subscribe to the app for $9.49 per month. Want to?

*14. You now*

Younow is a live streaming video chat app that has been downloaded more than 10 million times on the Play Store. With this app users can interact with broadcasters/live//streaming/live and live air to connect with audience.

Some of the features offered by Younow are being explored to explore live video broadcasts and follow what was missed at the time of the feed, broadcast to start /live streaming/, and interact to chat with broadcasters, buy bars for

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