10 Best Game Booster Apps for PC and Laptop

For gamers, the name Game Booster is certainly familiar. Game booster is software created to add convenience for gamers. Game booster can increase the performance of the processor, RAM, hard disk, to the graphics card in order to increase the overall performance of the computer.

That way, the game you are playing can run smoothly, without lag, and quickly. This game booster is very useful for those of you who have a computer with mediocre specifications but want to play high-end games.

10 Best Game Booster Apps for PC and Laptop

Best Game Booster Apps for PC

There are several game booster software that offer you an amazing gaming experience. Here, Carisignal successfully summarizes some of the best game boosters that you can install to get a better gaming experience.

1. Razer Cortex

Razer is one of the biggest names in the gaming industry. To provide the best gaming experience, Razer developed a game booster application called Razer Cortex. This application works by increasing the process performance of the device you are using to play.

Razer Cortex allows gamers to enjoy higher framerates and faster loading while tuning your PC with this sequence of game optimization tools.

Thanks to advanced AI with machine learning algorithms that calculate the best settings based on your preferences, the included Razer Cortex can automatically streamline your PC’s performance and visuals for supported games. And still re-available advanced features that are not mentioned here.

2. WTFast

For online game players who are often hindered by network problems, you can try WTFast. WTFast provides an optimized gaming network, including known as the Gamers Private Network (GPN), for MMO, FPS, and MOBA gamers. In short, WTFast is a platform that online gamers use to access game servers with an uninterrupted connection.

At WTfast, GPN is fundamentally different from other styles of networking solutions. WTFast only optimizes game connection data, and never masks or makes changes to IP addresses or network settings in any way. For those who want to experience faster pings and smoother gaming while playing online games, you can try WTFast.

3. Wise Game Booster

This software has just been released in 2014. So, gamers may not really be clear about this boosting software. Wise Game Booster can speed up computer performance well while being used to play games.

Apart from that, most of the people who have used this software are quite satisfied because Wise Game Booster is really good compared to other similar software. In addition, this free downloadable software can help any type of multiplayer game you play.

4. Smart Game Booster

With just one click, you can experience increasing the FPS of the game you are playing for a smoother gaming experience. That’s one of the features offered by Smart Game Booster.

Smart Game Booster enables higher FPS by accessing the full potential of CPU & GPU to achieve smoother animations with less tearing and lower process latency.

This application can also stabilize the PC process to prevent frequent crashes. This includes being able to automatically put the PC into game mode by disabling background programs, freeing up more disk space and updating drivers to date.

5. Geforce Experience

Next, we are friends with one of Nvidia’s game boosters. Geforce Experience can work really well on computers that use Nvidia GPUs. In addition, Geforce is quite stable against AMD computers.

Just like other similar software, Geforce can optimize your gaming experience. Not only that, Geforce includes keeping computer drivers up to date. Geforce is also reliable for streaming games via Nvidia Shield.

6. Games Fire

Game Fire provides a variety of popular game booster features, such as an app manager that lets you kill unnecessary stray programs or apps, a game folder defragger to keep your files close to disk, and various processes to tweak in Windows.

The appeal of Game Fire is actually in the features it has. However, this app may bring some other software to the table during the installation process. If you are not satisfied with the default software, you can delete it immediately after the installation process is complete.

7. MSI Afterburner

This is an application that is ready to make your GPU perform better. MSI Afterburner is one of the best game boosters worth considering. This software can make tweaks to high voltage, core, and shader clocks.

In addition, Afterburner can control the fan speed with a slider and monitor the statistics of your card through a series of graphs. Afterburner is the right software for those of you who like to play HD games that are quite heavy.

8. AMD Raptr

This software has almost the same performance as Geforce Experience. However, AMD Raptr can certainly work more optimally on computers that use graphics cards from AMD, both old and new graphics cards.

You can optimize any style of play with this AMD Raptr. No matter how many games are installed on your computer, just boost it with AMD Raptr to reduce lag and speed up the performance of the game itself.

9. EVGA Precision

EVGA is a really good choice for overlocking Nvidia graphics cards. This software allows you to tweak the GPU lock, memory clocks, voltage, and even fan speed settings so that your computer doesn’t overheat while playing games.

With this app, you can customize 10 different configuration profiles for your overlocking settings. Some interesting features, such as frame rate caps and built-in benchmarks, can be enjoyed if you install EVGA Precision.

10. ROCCAT Power Grid

This is an open beta application that can turn your Android smartphone or tablet into a 2nd screen for your computer. The software features a series of grids containing system information, audio controls, social streams, as well as custom controls and macros for various games and programs.

Through this software, you can share custom control grids with other gamers. One of the most important thing, ROCCAT Power Grid can add great comfort while you are playing games.

Game booster was created to increase process performance while used for gaming. This software can close all applications or programs that are running on your computer. The goal is to allocate processing power resources to the game you are running.

If you are a gamer, why do you need one of the best game boosters above? Because smoothness while gaming is a top priority for a gamer. Lag or slow processes can cause you to lose while playing the game. Therefore, there is no harm if you try to install one of the game boosters above.

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