10 Best Finance Apps for Better Management of Your Business

If you need help managing your finances, then personal finance software and apps can help you become more efficient at managing your money. Apps and/software/ can even help you find ways to meet your long-term financial goals.

Choosing the right personal finance app for you will depend on your current financial needs. Some personal finance apps can help you master budgeting and track expenses, while others can help you with investment portfolio management.

Best Finance Apps for Better Management of Your Business

10 Best Finance Apps for Better Management

Confused to choose? Just look at this review.

*1. Quicken*

Quicken is an app that has been around for a long time for managing personal finances. Initially this app was only built for the desktop version, but now it is available for the mobile version. Quicken provides a variety of good financial reporting tools. This paid app combines budget, banking and investment reporting in one dashboard.

This reporting feature relates to several different areas, namely budgets, invoices, reports, and investments. For a budget, this app gives you the opportunity to tap into purchases and revenue until you can compare the two together. Results You can compare how much income and expenses.

In terms of billing, you can see how much it costs, how much you have to pay, and also how much money you have left. For reports, you can pool your credit card and banking bills in one place so you know how much you paid. For investments, the app can track whether an investment is part of a savings, investment portfolio, or retirement plan.

*2. Money Keeper*

This amazing app has all the necessary financial features. Money Keeper allows you to maintain reports, track income and expenses. You can generate reports, view summaries and also estimate costs. You can even create a budget to limit your spending and save your money.

This app also allows you to be able to make debt and loan entries to track their two payments and stay reminded of loans taken and granted. Apart from that, Money Keeper also offers the option to create events and track event costs separately from your main account.

This best app is that you can create unlimited number of accounts and add multiple transactions according to accounts. This application is available in free and paid versions. For the paid version, you can remove some limitations. This application can be used for Windows 10 PC as well as Windows Phone.

*3. Mint *

This app is a free online budget from Intuit, which makes the TurboTax and QuickBooks apps. Mint aggregates all your financial data and shows you an overview of your budget, billing, expenses and accounts receivable score.

You can create your own budget, create goals and reminders, and sync your data about web and app data. This app provides security with multi-factor authentication and authentication. You can also use Mint to track your investments and portfolios.

*4. Money Lover*

Money Lover is an easy-to-use expense tracking app available in both free and premium versions. The app also has good tracking and budgeting features.

With this app, you can manage your loans and debts. Although the free version of Money Lover doesn’t allow you to have more than one savings account, the unpaid version will suffice.

This app is available for most mobile devices as well as Windows based computers. Even a web version is also available and can be accessed using any browser.

The advantage of a very useful money lover is that this application can add to the schedule for receiving money. This feature can be a reminder for you. So you can record future money income.

Best Finance Apps for Better Management of Your Business

*5. Ynab*

Your extension needs a budget, Ynab is a personal finance app that has a purpose so you can be more financially literate when you manage your monthly budget. When you need tutorials for budgeting and managing your daily finances, this app can help with some of the more difficult financial issues.

If you need help dealing with your bad habits with finances, that can help you solve the problem by using some basic financial management rules. Ynab can automatically connect to your bank account, integrating your spending information for budgeting analysis and tracking.

This paid app offers a free trial of 34 days so you can decide if you are right for your personal financial goals or not. Ynab can be used in all devices including PCs, tablets and smartphones.

*6. Gnucash*

The Gnucash application is a computer application compatible with Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. There is also a companion app for Android that allows you to be able to track expenses on the go and then import the information to your PC.

Gnucash is developed by volunteers and is a free accounting application that can be used to run a number of reports to view your financial data. Its features include tracking bank accounts, income, stocks, and expenses.

The Gnucash PC Finance app also offers accounting assistance for small businesses allowing businesses to manage customers and vendors, handle invoices and bill payments and even payroll.

*7. Mvelopes*

Traditional budgeting systems using envelopes can help you maintain your budget and manage your finances. After the money is separated for each budget, you put the money in different envelopes. So if you want to budget RP. 250,000 for the internet for a month, then save money in the “internet” envelope.

That approach is used by mvelop for budgeting. What sets this apart is that the app does it digitally on phones and computers instead of using physical cash. This app is paid but gives the opportunity to try mvelop for free for 30 days.

The MVELOPES PC finance app will help you create a budget and manage your “envelopes”. This device can track expenses and show you the envelopes used for any shopping so that you stay on top of the budget you have created.

*8. Buddi*

Buddi is an / open-source / budgeting application that can be used on Windows, Mac, and Linux systems. In addition, this application has been translated into various languages. Buddi provides financial data security with a password. The app is designed so that it is easy to use even for people without a financial background.

Available features include budgeting, account tracking, and personal financial reporting. But you have to enter the transaction manually. With /plugins/free, you can have more features and guidelines for online users, making it easy to read and use.

*9. Turbocash*

This software is a free accounting application that has been available since April 1985. Turbocash application which has 23 language options is widely used in the United States, Europe, Australia and Canada. In addition, this application also has an online community with more than 100,000 users.

Turbocash was created to help small and medium enterprises (SMEs). For / freelancers / or traders, the features that turbocash has are a bit redundant. However, if you need something that has more advantages over a cash book, turbocash can be an option. This app can handle VAT, buy orders as well as debtors and creditors.

Best Finance Apps for Better Management of Your Business

*10. moneydance*

This app is made for Mac users but can also be used for Windows and Linux. Moneydance is a money management package for PC with a very neat /interface /e-window. Install this app and you will get financial view, upcoming bills, recent expenses and much more.

While not particularly spectacular, the reporting features are quite powerful and and one of the most useful features of Moneydance is the account list. For old school folks and have managed checkbooks, this app has the same working method.

The Moneydance PC finance app is also available for iOS to facilitate recording transactions on the go, which can later be synced with a PC.

If you find it difficult to manage your personal finances manually, maybe the digital app options mentioned above can be the answer to your problem.

This PC finance app offers many advanced features like tracking expenses and income as well as tracking your monthly bills. If you want something even simpler, you can use the financial management application specifically for Android smartphones. Come on, check out the best list here.

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