15 Best English Learning Apps on Android For Beginner

English is a universal language that is needed to do various things. For example, you need skills in speaking English while working, traveling abroad, surfing cyberspace, to playing games.

For good English, you don’t have to spend extra money to take a course because you can learn English on Android, iPhone, or even your laptop and PC, you know.

15 Best English Learning Apps on Android For Beginner

Through more than one application to learn English, you can learn grammar and all the materials needed to make you good at speaking English. Are there any “offline” English learning apps? Find the answer in this article.

Best English Learning Apps on Android For Beginner

1. Duolingo

Duolingo teaches us a variety of languages ​​apart from English. One of these must-have Android apps includes providing Chinese, Russian, Polish, and many more. Duolingo makes learning English easier and faster.

Just like Memrise, Duolingo also provides various levels of learning with new vocabulary every day. You can also choose a topic to study English, so from the topic of education, health, science, etc.

If you study together using Duolingo every day, you will be able to speak simple English and read English writings on newspapers or books.

2. Memrise app

In Memrise, you will focus on learning English by knowing the vocabulary first.

This application offers a variety of interesting and creative steps to make users aware of each given vocabulary, so that users of this application can remember each subsequent vocabulary easily.

In addition to adding a simple interface, Memrise also allows you to interact with other users of this application to learn English together.

Memrise provides 30 levels of learning. As a user you can also monitor your growth while learning with this application.

3. Hello English

In the Hello English application, you can freely choose what steps you want to learn English with. You could say Hello English is an application with the most complete learning method. From being a facility for news texts, videos, audio, interactive games, to discussions with teachers, everything can be done here.

You also have the opportunity to learn 10,000 words in English to practice vocab, complete with pronunciation steps. Want to compete with other app users? All you have to do is play multiplayer games against thousands of other people scattered all over the world. Let’s try the Hello English application by clicking this link!

4. Rosetta Stone

Grammar learning activities are made easier with the presence of one of the best English learning applications on this one, namely Rosetta Stone. This app for kids and adults will make you fluent in English faster. A simple and supported interface with thousands of words that can improve your vocabulary.

This application offers a variety of fun activities such as making one word for another, so that learning English becomes easier, more comfortable, and more interesting. Rosetta Stone includes adding learning other languages, such as French, German, Italian, and 19 other languages.

5. HelloTalk

Sometimes more than one person prefers to practice directly in order to be more fluent in English. One of the steps to practice it is to chat in English with native speakers, this is what the HelloTalk application offers.

Uniquely, this application not only provides English but also hundreds of other languages, including Korean, Japanese, French, Mandarin, German, and many more.

Even though the medium is in the form of chat, you can still learn listening thanks to the voice to text feature presented by this application. Want to practice speaking? Just send a voice note or even a phone call to talk directly with native speakers. Interesting right? Don’t miss the fun, let’s download HeloTalk via this link!

6. ABA English

Want to learn English using an application with effective steps and taught by native? If so, you must try an application called ABA English. The best application of the PlayStore editor’s choice has a unique and effective learning through interesting English films.

Not only that, moreover everyone who studies at ABA English will be placed based on their level. There are 6 different levels, namely (1) Beginners, (2) Lower Intermediate, (3) Intermediate, (4) Upper Intermediate, (5) Advanced and (6) Business.

To realize the level, before you will learn, you will be given a test first. Want to be aware of the test and study steps in this application

7. BBC Learning English

For those of you who follow the growth of English learning methods, you may be familiar with BBC News, an English news channel that is quite commonly used as English learning material. Well, now there is a formal application from the BBC that offers a variety of English lessons that can be learned.

The learning uses video facilities that can be watched by streaming or downloaded first. To test your English knowledge, this application includes providing various quizzes that can be filled.

Existing programs will be updated regularly, so you don’t have to worry about running out of material to hone your skills. The BBC Learning English application can be downloaded for free via this link.

Best English Learning Apps on Android For Beginner

8. Babbel app

Learning English will be difficult if we can’t make time for a while in between busyness. Therefore, there is already a Babbel application that provides various short lessons that can be completed in just 15 minutes.

Whether it’s reading, listening, grammar, or vocabulary, you can master English better from all aspects. In fact, you can learn English based on context, such as traveling, business conditions, and much more. Download Babbel here.

9. Tandem app

You could say, Tandem is a “Tinder” that can bring two people together. The difference is, not to find a mate but to find a language learning partner. Master English by communicating directly with friends, either in the form of chat or telephone.

Not only that, the chat feature in the Tandem application can already correct sentences from sent speeches so that chatting activities are not only fun but also educational. Curious with Tandem? Have this useful application by visiting its download page.

10. EWA: Learn English & Spanish Language

Do you prefer to learn English through novels, films, and TV series? If so, EWA is here to package pieces of famous TV series and novels as fun learning materials.

Pieces of the novel in English can also be translated into Indonesian word for word, so don’t worry about not realizing the meaning.

You can see the learning progress on the graph provided to make it easier for you to choose a target, or to make you more impulsive. This EWA application can be found on the Google Play Store or by clicking this link.

11. ELSA app

ELSA is an application that you can use to learn English easily. This application contains a curriculum that will be adapted to your English speaking skills.

You can also practice to pronounce more than 1000 words in English through this application. Don’t worry, you don’t have to worry about making pronunciation mistakes because the ELSA application will immediately add feedback and give examples of correct speech.

There is included a list of common phrases that are commonly used in everyday life. Learning English becomes faster and easier by using this application. Download ELSA for free via the following link.

12. Cake app

Next up, there’s Cake. This application has been downloaded by more than tens of millions of Android users who want to learn English. With Cake, you can adjust your daily study goals to practice your English skills.

Amazingly, you don’t have to study with the old, boring steps. Yes, in the Cake application you can learn English happily through vlogs, movies and popular TV shows.

Learning English in this application is not limited to just one accent. So you can broaden your knowledge of more than one English accent.

So that your skills are always honed, the Cake application provides quizzes that can be done. To enjoy the many other excellent features of this English learning app, you can subscribe to Cake Plus.

13. LearnEnglish Podcasts

The British Council launches an English learning app through podcasts. Yes, with this one application, you will learn English easily through audio, so you can practice listening skills at once.

Not only listening, of course the ability to read and write in English will also be honed by learning in this application. Every podcast you listen to is even more downloadable. So you can learn English anywhere and anytime.

If you have problems figuring out a word, you can use interactive audio scripts within the app. This is very likely you to repeat the sentence that was difficult to understand earlier.

Oh yes, the British Council will add a new podcast episode every week. You can also do the exercises in the application to sharpen English language skills.

14. Words Booster

The included Words Booster application is suitable for those of you who want to learn English with fun. The Words Booster app organizes learnable sentences into 40 different categories.

You can learn new sentences by matching a picture with a word. This is actually a fairly classic method, but it’s always fun to try. You can also invite friends to learn English together through Words Booster. Try the app here.

15. eJoy app

A little learning, remember always is the tagline of eJoy. Yes, through this application you can learn English according to your abilities in 5 minutes every day. During the study period, you can choose what facilities you want to use for studying.

You can learn English through videos, movie trailers or even your favorite songs through this application. You can also search and save every new vocabulary found in the learning facility.”

Amazingly, the learning facilities in this application can be downloaded, so you can use them to study at a later time, even without an internet connection. To hone your language skills, you can take quizzes and other daily challenges in the eJoy application.

That was a good app for learning English. Although there is no application made in Indonesia, this English learning application can support you to learn international languages ​​without having to take courses.

Considering that English courses cost a lot of money, the existence of these applications can be an inexpensive and economical alternative to always learning English.

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