14 Best Christmas Apps for Android Smartphone

14 Best Christmas Apps for Android Smartphone

Christmas is coming soon. Have you made an impact on your preparations for Christmas? Maybe you have planned various decorations or dishes to welcome the Christmas celebrations this December. However, don’t let your Android phone count off this celebration. Come on, make your phone feel Christmas with a number of special applications.

This time, Carisignal will talk about some of the best Christmas apps for Android. Is this application a game that is not boring or just a Christmas-themed wallpaper provider application? Immediately review a number of Christmas-themed applications, instructions from Valay Info.

Best Christmas Apps for Android Smartphone

For those of you who need applications related to Christmas, then try these ten applications that we recommend.

1. Christmas Countdown

Some people can’t wait for Christmas to come. In fact, it is not uncommon for people to mark their calendar day by day to calculate how long it will take for Christmas to arrive. Well, if you are someone who can’t wait for Christmas, then you can download the Christmas Countdown application.

The best Christmas application made by Aqreadd Studios is a 3D wallpaper that offers the appearance of a Christmas tree with twinkling lights and snowflakes falling from the sky. Christmas Countdown will make your phone look cheerful. In addition, there is also a reminder in the form of the remaining days leading up to Christmas on the wallpaper.

2. ElfYourself”® By Office Depot

If this one application makes it easy for you to make a Christmas greeting card effect in a unique way. In Christmas Live Wallpaper you only have to enter photos of the person who wants to be given a greeting card.

Then, edit the greeting card as needed. You can also add text and add other effects that have been provided. When you’re done, immediately share it with the people closest to you. It’s easy, right?

3. Christmas Food

Christmas Eve is not complete without a special Christmas dish. Every now and then you can make a dish that makes you and your family feel like you are celebrating Christmas abroad. Christmas Food is an application that will help you to make an impact on the typical Christmas dishes of different countries. This application developed by Mobtopus contains various recipes for Christmas dishes that are usually served.

Not only that, Christmas Food will guide you with accurate cooking techniques. For example, this application also contains instructions on unique ways to bake potatoes, cook turkey to perfection, and make Christmas pudding effects to make it look attractive.

4. Christmas Gift List

Preparing Christmas gifts in the midst of your daily activities is actually a hassle. You have to make a special list for your family and friends. Christmas Gift List is a wise application that will help you prepare Christmas gifts for those closest to you.

This application is too advantageous because it is added with a password to maintain your gift list, choose a budget per person so that you don’t exceed the budget when shopping, to the details of spending when shopping for Christmas gifts. Christmas Gift List is an app that is just too useful and makes the impact that you don’t forget the items you’re going to buy as Christmas gifts.

5. Christmas Photo Frames

Change the photos on your social media to make them more Christmas nuanced. One of the best Christmas apps commonly used to make ordinary photos look more Christmasy is Christmas Photo Frame. Here, there are many variations of photo frame options that are ready to decorate your photos.

The quality of the frames in this application is HD, moreover, there are attractive frame options for photos in portrait or landscape forms. Through this application, you can also add some effects to your photos, such as black and white, sephie, greyscale, and many more. To edit photos with Christmas Photo Frames, you don’t need an internet connection.

6. Christmas FM

This radio application will play Christmas songs for 30 days before Christmas. Yes, Christmas FM is a charity radio run by 100 volunteers to provide additional 24-hour broadcasts. Live your Christmas feeling from now on by installing Christmas FM.

You need to know that this radio broadcasts from November 28 to December 26. Christmas FM will make your Christmas impact even more festive. This is one of those apps that you must have for Christmas.

7. Christmas Decorating Ideas

Confused about tracking down cool decorations to celebrate Christmas? You can install Christmas Decorating Ideas on your Android phone. The reason is, this application provides a variety of photos of Christmas decorations that are too varied. You can get a variety of interesting Christmas decorations here, feels from the decorations indoors, outdoors, windows, to doors.

Whatever model of Christmas decoration you dream of, whether it’s modern or classic, you can find it in the photos provided by Christmas Decorating Ideas. Before you shop for Christmas decorations, it’s a good idea to install this application first to track inspiration.

8. Christmas Quotes

The idea of ​​sending Christmas cards is actually timeless. Although now everything can be done using digital technology, sometimes giving a Christmas card in physical form is actually always special.

So, to keep track of sweet words to write on your Christmas card, why not try installing Christmas Quotes? The best Christmas application developed by LIBERUMSOFT provides various quotes about Christmas. In fact, you can directly send the following quotes via SMS.

9. Christmas Ringtones

Come on, change the sound of your telephone ringing with various Christmas songs. You don’t have to download the songs, just install the Christmas Ringtones application on your Android device. There are dozens of Christmas ringtones that can be set to be a ringing sound for calls, notifications, to alarms.

You can download the application made by JRJ Unlimited for free. What are you waiting for, install Christmas Ringtones right away and make your phone feel Christmas.

10. Christmas Live Wallpaper

As the name implies, this application provides a variety of beautiful “wallpapers” to decorate your cellphone on your Christmas day. All “wallpapers” available in the Christmas Live Wallpaper app are free.

So, you don’t have to be busy looking for the right “wallpaper” to accompany your Christmas day. Want to use it?

11. Christmas Tree Lights Live Wallpapers

Towards Christmas, there is nothing wrong if you change the Christmas-themed wallpaper. Well, if you’re confused about tracking down a good Christmas-themed wallpaper, just try to download “Christmas Tree Lights Live Wallpapers. In this application, we present cool wallpapers by taking over the Christmas tree theme.

Uniquely, when you place a wallpaper from this application, there is a “sound effect” when you touch the wallpaper section. In fact, you can also move various funny emojis to display on the phone screen as wallpaper decorations.

12. Christmas Countdown 2018

Looking forward to Christmas, you can count down Christmas from your cellphone with “Christmas Countdown 2018. Apart from being an application to count Christmas,” Christmas Countdown 2018 also has a collection of interesting themes to embed on your phone. The good thing is, this app doesn’t have any ads at all. So, this app is too free without being bothered by ads.

13. justWink Greeting Cards

A gift would be meaningless without a greeting card. Come on, make your own Christmas greeting cards through justWink Greeting Cards. This one application is ready to help you to make a more realistic Christmas card impact. Your Christmas card can be sent via email, social media, chat applications, to MMS.

justWink Greeting Cards allow you to add your own photos, homemade words, and hand gestures. This is the best app for impacting christmas greeting cards. It’s no wonder that so far, justWink Greeting Cards have received a rating of 4.6 and have been installed 5 million times by Android users.

14. 2018 & Gold Christmas Theme

Luna Themes is an application developer that provides Christmas-themed themes that Android users are most interested in. One of the most downloaded themes by Android users is 2018 & Gold Christmas Theme.

This 2018 & Gold Christmas Theme app will bring your phone screen decorated with gold plated christmas tree. Not only that, this application also provides some interesting wallpaper options for you.

Here are 10 of the best Christmas apps that will make your Christmas impact more colorful. You can get all these applications for free on the Google Play Store. Do you have any hints on other christmas apps other readers should install? Come on, write the name of the application that you recommend in the comments column provided below.

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