15 Best Camera Apps for Android Smartphones

15 Best Camera Apps for Android Smartphones

The camera is an absolute element that must be available in every smartphone. The camera really works for selfies, capturing special moments, and recording videos. Therefore, having a good camera application is an obligation in this day and age.

Unfortunately, not all built-in camera applications, in other words, default, have satisfactory quality. There are several high-end smartphones whose cameras can be considered standard so that the photo quality is really far from expectations.

To overcome the problem of camera quality that is less qualified, you can use an additional camera application that will fix the shortcomings of the default camera application. Well, here are some of the best Android camera applications at this time, the Carisignal version.

Best Camera Apps for Android

1. Retrica

Retrica, the best Android camera app that got first place based on androidrank. Almost through the figure of approximately 6 million who have downloaded this one Android camera application. Retrica is considered to have many variations of complete features.

Besides being able to take selfies with interesting, unique, funny, including contemporary effects, users of the Retrica application will also be spoiled by many variations of filters, including cute stickers and emoticons. The result is also quite good. Do you like trying selfies with Retrica? Download the application here.

2. Camera360

You must have been familiar when you heard the name Camera360. Yes, this one camera app can make you an impromptu photography expert. There are many filters and professional camera features offered by this application. In fact, you can get DSLR-style photos when using the application made by PinGuo Inc. this.

To have this super-sophisticated camera application, you don’t have to spend anything at all. The reason is, Camera360 can be downloaded for free with several additional in-app purchase items in it.

3. B612

Maybe you are already familiar with this Android camera application. B612, one of the well-known camera applications, is widely used by Android users for selfies. Not much different from the previous Android camera application.

B612 includes offering interesting things that can be utilized by its users. This application, which has been downloaded more than 3 million times on the PlayStore, features filters, effects, stickers, emoticons, and more. You can also embed text into your photos. Download the B612 application here.

4. Candy Camera

Want to get good selfie results? You can also define Candy Camera as one of your best Android camera apps. approximately 3 million downloaders have downloaded this application on the PlayStore. In the application, you can define many variations of the filters that have been provided by Candy Camera.

In addition to filters, you can also edit your selfies like you would use makeup with the beauty function. In it, you can use accessories such as whitening, concealer, lipstick, blush, eyeliner, and including mascara. Interested? Download the application here.


SNOW is one of the camera applications commonly used by Korean artists and idols. Why is this application so popular? The reason is, this SNOW application has many interesting features. With this application, you can make your face thin or chubby. In fact, you can even cause the appearance of your nose to be perfect.

Besides being able to edit faces, SNOW can also make your face look smoother. What’s even more interesting is that SNOW includes many filters that you can use for free. Whether it’s an outdoor or indoor style filter, everything is really interesting. Well, unless you are interested in trying this application, please immediately download it here.

6. Cymera

Cymera is one of the most popular camera apps for Android. To date, Cymera has been downloaded 10 million times. For this reason, the application offered by SK Communications is in the ranking of popular applications.

Unlike other applications, Cymera only focuses on taking over certain images, just like people’s faces. This application includes enhanced along with standard features, filters, effects, and other editing tools. In fact, this app can detect a smile on your face to take the best photos. The good news is that Cymera can be downloaded for free via the Google Play Store.

7. BeautyPlus

As the name implies, this application is ready to take pictures of its users with the beauty effects embedded in BeautyPlus. With this app too, you can define many filters to match your OOTD theme.

Not only filters, because BeautyPlus includes a feature to edit skin color. You can change it to light or dark skin tones. There are still more advantages of the BeautyPlus camera, namely the perfect eye. So, this application will also display beautiful eyes when photographed with BeautyPlus. Want to try?

8. Kuji Cam

Want vintage or black & white photos? You can get both in the Kuji Cam application. This application, which can be downloaded for free on the PlayStore, offers a variety of interesting features, such as a more complete light effect, date stamp, 3D effect, and a self-timer.

Not only that, there are other good features that you can enjoy by upgrading to the premium version of the Kuji Cam application. Curious? Please download here.

9. YouCam Makeup

Not sure about yourself unless you don’t use makeup when taking pictures? Take it easy, you don’t have to bother dressing up just to take pictures. The reason is, there is an Android camera application that allows you to get photos like you have done makeup.

Yes, YouCam Makeup is an application that can make your photos look like they have been put on makeup. You can use full features like makeup. Lipstick, contour, eye makeup and blush are all available in the YouCam Makeup application. Want to? Click here and get the application.

10. HD Camera for Android

HD Camera for Android is a native Android process camera app. This camera app works in conjunction with all the advantages of your phone or tablet, making it possible for you to take photos and videos together quickly and easily.

This application offers a number of features for your convenience in capturing images or recording. Some of them are smart panorama shooting, image quality setting, white balance setting, screen mode setting, photo collage, and so on.

11. YouCam Perfect

It has been downloaded more than 1 million times by Android users on PlayStore. YouCam Perfect application can be one of the right solutions for you when it comes to taking selfies. This Android camera application is not much different from the previously mentioned applications.

Here, you can take selfies with smooth results with various effects. You can also add filters to further enhance the selfie results. You can also affix stickers, emoticons, and texts with YouCam Perfect. Interested in trying it? Download the application here.

12. PlusMe Camera

More than 160,000 times Android users have downloaded this application from MEITU. Well, this PlusMe Camera application is not much different from other photo applications where PlusMe Camera provides a variety of interesting filters.

Not only filters, you can also immediately edit your photo shots, you know. Uniquely, you can beautify your photos like editing with the perfect eyes, smooth plus spotless skin, sunshine smile, and many others features. Want to include producing beautiful photos with PlusMe Camera?

13. Camera MX

Camera MX is a fun camera app that has been enhanced by a wide variety of features. There are many variations of effects that you can use to get better photos from the built-in camera, such as HDR, Lomo, Tilt Shift, and Kaleidoscope.

Applications made by Appic Labs Corp. this includes offering the Shoot The Past Function€ to rewind to a time before when the picture was taken and determine the subject of the picture before it was saved. The lightweight interface is one of the mainstays of Camera MX. One of the most important thing, Camera MX can be downloaded for free.

14. Timestamp Camera Free

Timestamp Camera Free is a photography app that allows you to add the current time and location when recording videos or taking photos. You can make changes to the time format or determine the location more or less easily. The app can record videos with time watermarks that are accurate to milliseconds (0.001 seconds).

Timestamp Camera Free supports 61 timestamp formats, change font, font color, font size, setting timestamp in 7 positions: top left, top right, top right, bottom left, bottom center, bottom right, center, add location address and GPS automatically, and so on.

15. Sweet Selfie

In accordance with the name of the application, Sweet Selfie is claimed to produce sweet and beautiful photos. Well, Sweet Selfie adds unique stickers that will actually make your photos look more attractive, you know. Curious to include producing unique and interesting photos? Let’s just use the application and download it for free here.

Not all built-in cameras on smartphones have quality and resolution that are qualified. Well, this best Android camera app can be a working solution for those of you who don’t have a high-quality smartphone camera.

Oh yes, for those of you who are tracking camera applications for PC, we have reviewed some of the applications in this article of 15 Best and Free PC Camera Applications.

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