10 Best Audio Equalizer Apps 2022

Audio equalization is a technique for adjusting the balance of the audible frequency components. Previously, many heavy equipment had been used to adjust the tone balance which is now known as an equalizer. However, currently there is an equalizer application available to do this.

There is a large selection of the best PC applications that can help users perform the task of adjusting the tone in just a few seconds.

10 Best Audio Equalizer Apps for PC and Laptops

Best Audio Equalizer Apps for PC and Laptops

Users can use this application to access audio features such as Equalizer, Surround, Environment, Base Management, and so on. The following is a recommended selection of the best PC equalizer applications, both free and paid.

1. APO Equalizer

APO Equalizer is one of the best PC equalizer apps for better tone perfection. This open source equalizer is used for PC and is free to download and has amazing features to control sound quality. This application is too small in size so it does not burden the memory and processor.

The famous APO equalizer with its 3D tone editing. Some of the other features are also multi-channel usage, lower CPU usage, and great user-friendliness. To improve the quality of the resulting tones, users can get unlimited filter options. Download Equalizer APO.

2. Realtek HD Audio Manager

Realtek HD Audio Manager is one of the best PC equalizer apps to give users the perfect tone. The app provides users with additional options to make changes to the stereo mix, speaker and microphone settings.

In this equalizer, users can get two styles of tone effect options and ten band equalization settings. Realtek HD Audio Manager is very easy to customize. This app is an open source graphic equalizer that has preset values ​​like Rock, Live, Club, Pop, Jazz, and Karaoke.

The environmental category of this digital audio equalizer has presets such as forest, sewer, underwater, and living room. Download Realtek HD Audio Manager.

3. Bongiovi DPS

Bongiovi DPS is another choice of the best PC equalizer applications with Digital Power Station Technology that claims to improve the overall user experience. Users can choose the style of the device used.

In addition, this application also allows the determination of content whether music, movies or conversations. This feature works when listening to an audio book to get a more focused tone.

This Windows Audio Equalizer has a premium version which allows users to select customized device profiles, control bass and treble with frequency visualization. This Digital Power Station software also has a virtual subwoofer as another stereo upgrade. Download Bongiovi DPS.

4. FXSound

DFX Audio Enhancer is the old name of FXSound which is a popular audio enhancement application. The specialty is that it can provide additional convenience for the user and allows the user to adjust the tone in a melodious manner that is not difficult to understand.

But the negative side is that this application is not enough for professionals or extreme audiophiles because only 10 bands can suit users from 110Hz to 15KHz. But its preloaded presets meet the demands of most consumers.

In general, later customers just want to improve their audio experience. The downside of this equalizer is that it costs $39.99 and the demo version is too limited. Download FXSound.

5. EqMac

As the name suggests, this equalizer application is presented for laptops with macOS. EqMac has various features, as well as three different equalizers, ranging from basic, advanced and expert.

When we tried it, we could only use the basic equalizer, which consisted of bass, mids and treble. The rest, both advanced and expert equalizer, volume mixer, and spatial audio are features that can be enjoyed in the pro version of EqMac. Luckily, EqMac provides a free five-minute trial to try out these excellent features.

We tested the app while listening to music with the basic equalizer. We tried to add a reverb effect through the available spatial audio features, and adjust the bass, treble, and mids using knobs. The application can give additional good results.

From the visual aspect, the application looks minimalistic and too simple. But don’t worry, the developers from EqMac provide that the visuals and UI of the application can be updated immediately. Want to give EqMac a try? Please download here.

6. 3D Boom

Boom 3D is an equalizer app for macOS and iOS. But after achieving success and getting greater user response, this app is now available for Windows users. 3D booms can add high-quality tones with a realistic experience.

This software has more than 40 million users worldwide. Boom 3D helps music fans who are indeed in a different way. This tool allows 3D tone generation which includes filters, bass adjustments, and many other options.

For PC and laptop users who want to improve their sound performance at home, you can use this application. Also, Boom 3D is easier than other equalizer software. Download Boom 3D.

7. QRange

QRrange is a linear-phase equalizer that can also function as a standard equalizer. This application is a 12 band equalizer with various features. One of them is the global gain to adjust the size of the sound.

Even though the controls are quite complicated, what makes you more comfortable when using this application is the user interface with a size that can fit your PC laptop screen. This “€˜simple”€™ feature, moreover, can’t be enjoyed on EqMac, which we tried at first.

8. Fidelizer

Fidelizer is another application to optimize tone quality and get a new experience in sound engineering. This application is compatible with all commonly used applications such as online platforms such as YouTube and other movie watching websites.

This software is the best digital audio enhancement app for everyone. Fidelizer Audio Enhancer improves audio performance by prioritizing to increase clock resolution accuracy.

To minimize possible interference, this application isolates non-audio systems. The optimization of the tone effect lasts until the computer is restarted. Download Fidelizer Audio Enhancer.

9. ToneBooster EQ 4

Similar to QRange, ToneBooster EQ 4 is also a professional-friendly equalizer. ToneBooster EQ 4 is an analog equalizer with fairly complex controls.

In one installer, you can get several audio plugins, consisting of enhancer, reverb 4, equalizer 4, and many more. Equalizer 4 itself is equipped with more than 20 different filters. Uniquely, the spectrum analyzer of this equalizer has been added with artificial intelligence (AI). The size of the UI can also be adjusted according to needs, moreover the color can be changed too.

ToneBooster EQ 4 is a paid app, but you can try the demo version by downloading it here.

10. FX Tool Box – Sound Changer

FX Tool Box – Sound Changer is a simple equalizer specially designed for use on macOS-based devices. This 8 band equalizer features a pitch controller and several audio effects such as reverb and delay.

Well, in the free version, the pitch controller and reverb features are not available. However, you can still modify the audio by adding delay and distortion effects.

To be able to modify audio, you just need to import the desired audio file into the application. After the system modification is complete, you can put the results to the device. Download FX Tool Box – Sound Changer here.

Just for information, if you want to enjoy many features and get rid of ads in the application, you can consider subscribing to the premium version of this application.

It would be too much fun if we could find the right tune for the music or movies we hear and watch. By using the help of this best PC equalizer app, we as users can get a better listening experience. So unless you want to get a better quality of listening to music or movies, just choose one of the equalizer applications above.

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