5 Best Apps to Remove Video & Photo Watermark on PC

For those who like to watch videos or enjoy pictures, may run into obstacles about the “watermark.” The presence of watermarks sometimes interferes with comfort and satisfaction when enjoying content, both in the form of videos and photos.

Therefore, some people edit the content to be able to remove the watermark. If you want to remove a watermark, there are several ways you can take it. The easiest way, you can use an app that specifically removes the watermark.

Usually, this watermark remover application is very easy to use. Users just need to enter the content, then select the part of the watermark that you want to remove. In the end, let the app remove the watermark automatically. Sounds really easy, right?

Best Apps to Remove Video & Photo Watermark on PC

5 Best Apps to Remove Video & Photo Watermark on PC

Well, for those of you who are curious about the easiest and best watermark remover application like that, it means you are in the right article. The reason is, this time Carisnkyal will discuss 5 applications to remove watermarks in videos or photos. This application can be run on Windows, /really /!

*1. Imyfone markgo*

First app, we recommend Imyfone Markgo watermark remover. There are many reasons why Imyfone Markgo is worth a try. Besides being able to remove watermarks in videos/photos easily and quickly, Imyfone Markgo can also remove multiple watermarks at once.

In addition, this application also has a feature to add a watermark on your videos or photos. Interestingly once again, Imyfone Markgo also claims to be able to remove canvas watermarks easily!

Having mentioned how to use it easily and quickly, we have tried it to remove watermarks in videos.

It turned out to be easy and fast, no need to complicate to cut out watermarks in detail. Just /harvest /improvise too, watermark can be removed /naturally. To know the procedure, please follow these steps:

  • · The first step, please open / browser / on a Windows laptop. Then, visit Imyfone Markgo. After that, please download the application directly on the PC. Don’t worry, there’s a free version! · The second stage, direct / install / application on the PC. · Once done, you can immediately open the application. Then, it will be faced by 4 main features, namely /remove video watermark, remove image watermark, add watermark to video/, and /add watermark to image/. Since you want to remove the watermark from the video, click *Remove video watermark. *
  • · Then, directly click *Add video* to enter the video you want to remove the watermark. · After selecting the desired video, the next step is to become the /plant /watermark you want to remove. The trick is to draw the blue tip inside the box (marked in red). Then, adjust its size to the watermark you want to remove.
  • · Before entering the final stage, you must first click *Preview* to see the video results.
  • · If it feels good and perfect, you can keep clicking *Export. *
  • · Now, go and wait a while until Imyfone Markgo finishes removing the watermark.
  • · Done! To see the result, you can directly click *Open file location. *Then, you will be immediately redirected to the edited video storage.

It’s very easy and fast, it can even be done by anyone who is still not known to edit videos. If you feel you need a long term Markgo ImyFone application with unlimited features, it can also be a Markgo ImyFone subscription user.

Prices vary as they are adjusted according to the time period required for each user. Can pay monthly, yearly, or even / for life. /

Of course the /lifetime/ option is more profitable, because you only pay once but can use the app forever. How about, interested in trying one of these best watermark removing apps?

*2. Adobe Photoshop*

The next watermark removal application that became the carisinal choice this time came from Adobe, precisely named Adobe Photoshop. This app is quite popular among image editors. Yes, in Photoshop you can only edit images, not videos.

Even though it’s limited to images, Photoshop has a lot of features that qualify and are worth a try. In this application, there are various types of /tools /so that the image looks neater and nicer. Not only that, even Photoshop can be relied on to remove watermarks perched on images.

However, it must be admitted that Adobe Photoshop may be a bit confusing for novice users. The reason, Photoshop is more often used for professional needs with more complex /tools.

*3. Apowersoft Watermark Remover*

Back again with the app to remove watermarks in videos. This time we want to recommend an application called Apowersoft Watermark Remover. In line with the naming of the application, here apowersoft watermark remover also claims to be able to remove watermarks in videos easily.

They also offer a feature to remove multiple watermarks at the same time. In fact, this application also claims to maintain the quality of videos that have been edited by Watermark. So, users don’t have to worry about low quality video/output queries.

What’s more interesting, this application also supports various video formats making it easier for users to determine which video they want to edit the watermark. /Oh yes, /Here is also reliable to remove watermarks in images /you know /!

*4. GIMP*

For those who need an application to remove watermarks in images, GIMP can also be a good choice. On the one hand, GIMP is an alternative option that is easier for beginners to operate. What’s nice about GIMP is that each user doesn’t have to install the app on their PC.

The reason is, GIMP is an open source editor. This means that GIMP can only be run online. No need to worry about the PC OS you are using, because GIMP is friendly to many OS; Such as Windows, MacOS, to Linux.

Apart from that, /tools/and its features are nothing short of complete, they are all easy to use. If you are interested in using it, you can directly visit the GIMP site, yes!

Best Apps to Remove Video & Photo Watermark on PC

*5. Hitpaw Watermark Remover*

/Last but not least, /There is the Hitpaw watermark remover which is one of the best watermark removal apps on PC. Not much different from some previous applications, Hitpaw also offers the ability to remove watermarks easily and quickly.

They also claim that the resolution quality remains the same before editing. For those who are interested in using this app, you can enjoy the app for free but with certain limitations on features. For more complete features, you can subscribe to Hitpaw through the official page. Oh yes, /this app supports macOS and windows, yes.

This discussion has been completed this time about an application to remove video and image watermarks on PC. Actually there are still many apps to remove water, but the 5 apps above are the best version of carisyal. For beginners who are interested in removing watermarks in videos/photos instantly and neatly, please choose ImyFone Markgo.

According to personal experience when using Imyfone Markgo, removing watermarks is easier and faster. No need to bother using /tools/various, just insert the video and select the Watermark section. After that, the watermark will be removed automatically. Very simple and suitable for beginners, want to try too?

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