10 Best Apps to Download YouTube Videos on Android

Today, the diversity of types of content that can be viewed on YouTube has grown rapidly. This is what makes watching YouTube so popular with various groups, whether it’s students who want to find references for lessons or “/fans”/who want to watch “/live shows/from their idols.

New problems will arise when you run out of quota or are in a location that is not reached by the Internet. To solve this, you need a way to be able to watch YouTube “/offline/”, and the most effective way of course is to download it first while in an affordable Wi-Fi area.

Since the official YouTube app does not provide a free download feature, a number of Android app developers have not remained silent so that they can produce various YouTube downloader apps that are not only free but also easy and practical.

10 Best Apps to Download YouTube Videos on Android

Before you read this discussion any further, you need to know if you are using a third party app to download YouTube videos in conflict with YouTube’s terms of service – which state that you can only stream videos directly from the server.

Apps to Download YouTube Videos

*1. keepvid*

KeepVid is an Android app for downloading anti-tribet YouTube videos. You just need to copy the link of the video file you want to download and insert it in this app. KeepVid also works to download videos from various formats such as MP3, M4A, MP4, MOV, and AVI.

No need to worry about downloaded videos”/storage/internal storage, because KeepVid allows you to save videos directly to SD card.

If you want to download it faster, just use the default browser from KeepVid so that the clicked video link can be detected by the application immediately. You only need to do once “/Tap/ to download the video. Practical, right?

*2. Videoder*

Not only available for Android, videoder which is a video download application is also available for “/platform/ windows. There are more than 50 sites and social media supported/ based on video, including Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and there are many more. .

What’s really interesting, you can turn on the download link of the video and videoder can detect it directly and bring up a “/pop-up/ window so you can download it.

Videoder also supports video downloads of various formats and resolutions up to 4K. For those of you who want to download multiple videos in one click, there’s also “/Batch Downloading.” Feature. /

*3. Tubemate*

Like any video downloader in general, Tubemate also provides an integrated browser that you can use to browse “/platforms/ videos” such as YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and so on.

When arriving at the video page, users only need to do “/tap/ on the green arrow icon to download it. Tubemate also has quite complete settings, from speed settings, the number of downloads that can run simultaneously, enable” // Auto resume/, and , and, and, and, and, and, more.

Thanks to “/multi-third/ already, Tubemate can also download videos faster than regular downloads, and of course already supports resolutions from the smallest 240p to the highest 1080p.

*4. Newpipe*

The video download feature is just one of a handful of other features in NewPipe. This app works as an alternative to the official YouTube app.

Here you can experience various premium features for free such as “/picture-in-picture/”, making videos run even if the screen is locked, and so on.

NewPipe can also let you set the number of “/Threads/you want provided for a smooth download. Don’t forget, here you can also download audio files and”/caption/.

Apps to Download YouTube Videos

*5. YouTube Go*

Apparently there is also an official application from YouTube that can be used to download videos, namely YouTube Go. Basically, YouTube Go works as a lightweight version of its regular app. Besides being able to watch videos on “/offline/”, here you can also save more internet quota.

Add more. YouTube Go provides “/Preview/” so you know whether the video you want to watch is what you’re looking for or not. This can help you avoid wasting internet quota.

For those of you with phones with limited internal memory, YouTube Go can also save videos on the SD card embedded in the phone. Interested in using YouTube Go? Get the app here.

*6. Snaptube*

Next is the snaptube application which provides 2K and 4K resolution video downloads. You can choose how many file sizes you want to download so it doesn’t take up too much memory.

Snaptube also has several advantages, including a clean and easy-to-see interface, the presence of a Dark Mode feature. And the ability to convert video files into audio.

If you need a video download application “/aesthetics/ and have a” player/ floating floating/ so you can watch videos while doing other activities, Snaptube is the right choice.

*7. Vidmate*

Downloading videos, movies and songs is now hassle free as Vidmate already supports over hundreds of “/platforms/”, from the most popular ones like YouTube and Vimeo to sites at the local level like sports channels.

It’s an “/all in one/” app where you can stream and download it just like the YouTube app, but with more video options as it integrates hundreds of”/platforms/ in one app.

*8. InsTube*

Another option you can try is Instube. No Bear, this video download app can do “/download/ at resolutions up to 8k! Of course, this is useful if you plan to download videos to watch on a TV that actually supports 8K.

Meanwhile, this application also supports various formats such as MP3, MP4, 3GP, M4A, and also PNG. For those of you who don’t want others to see the downloaded videos, there is also an audio and video lock feature.

You can download videos through this app or through the YouTube app. The trick is quite easy, visit the video you want to watch then “/tap/ on the Share menu. Then select the download menu with Instube and the download process starts immediately after you select the resolution and format.

Apps to Download YouTube Videos

*9. Ymusic*

Want to watch YouTube like Spotify? With Ymusic, your wishes can be granted. You can watch YouTube videos while locking the screen and putting your phone in your bag.

With YMUSIC, video tutorials can be turned into podcasts and “/live performance/” can be turned into audio so you can listen to them while driving or various other activities.

And because this application is included in the list, of course YMusic can also be relied on to save videos to storage media so you can watch or listen to videos even if they run out of quota or on a plane.

*10. YT3 YouTube Downloader*

YT3 YouTube Downloader has a clean and simple interface, so anyone is guaranteed to be able to use it easily thanks to the “/direct/” navigation.

Downloading videos with low or high quality is also not a problem, because like YouTube Downloader, this application also supports various video resolutions and MP3 audio formats.

Plus, YT3 YouTube Downloader is also suitable for those of you who want to listen to songs from YouTube while viewing the lyrics. Want to get this app? Download Yt3 YouTube Downloader via this link.

/S/Now that you know some apps to download YouTube content on Android. However, it should be noted that carisignal cannot guarantee the security of the above applications. You can take the time to do a little research on the internet regarding the security of the third-party apps that you want to download and install on your phone.

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