12 Best Antivirus Apps to Protect Android Phones

Perhaps, it is not uncommon for some Android smartphone users, to worry that their smartphone will be attacked by viruses that can cause damage to the software, even worse if you lose data or data is just stolen by irresponsible people.

However, you can solve problems like this by using an anti-virus app on your Android smartphone. On this basis, this time Cari Signal will recommend the 10 best anti-virus applications for Android in the world.

12 Best Antivirus Apps to Protect Android Phones

No need to spend a lot of capacity or ROM RAM, the following articles some applications are also classified as light to use. Want to know? The following refers to reviews on Carisignal.

Best Antivirus Apps to Protect Android Phones

*1. Safe security*

It has been downloaded and trusted by more than 16 million downloads on Playstore, this best anti-virus app comes with the name of safe security. In the application, secure security ensures the safety for users to avoid virus attacks that can live on your phone.

Safe Security also features in the feature /speed booster / / /cleaner /which is effective and guaranteed to remove /handle files and junk. Quite easy to do, just one click and everything will be clean without cache and junk files /which will burden the phone.

Not only that, even this safe security app offers a /smart battery /battery feature where users don’t have to worry about excessive battery drain due to the use of apps from safe security. Easy, practical, also free. Want to? Download the app here.

*2. AVG Antivirus 2020 *

Maybe this one application is more famous for its anti-virus on laptops and computers. But in reality you can also enjoy security and avoid viruses by using AVG also on your familiar phones. And, the good news is that this app is free.

The features installed in this application scan everything on your phone, from files to even all applications on your smartphone. Average Antivirus 2019 will detect all good viruses on your phone or those trying to enter to attack your phone.

Not only /scans / on files and applications, AVG Antivirus 2019 will also guarantee security when users enjoy surfing the internet. The average will scan which websites have the potential for viruses. Quite safe as well as practical. Download here the application.

*3. Avast Antivirus*

Promising security and protecting your phone from viruses that will interfere with the performance of your Android smartphone, the Avast Antivirus 2018 application will also make scans / scans / automatically when you surf the internet.

This is done so that users of the Avast antivirus application will not be attacked by any viruses, either malware or trojans. In fact, the features embedded in this app can also detect the thief of your phone that you know.

With its anti-theft feature, Avast Antivirus will secretly take pictures and also record the thief’s voice when suddenly your phone changes SIM cards. Totally safe for your phone, right? Click here to download the application.

*4. Avira antivirus 2020*

Avira Antivirus Security 2019, a reliable application to protect your phone. This application provides security for all data available on your Android smartphone. Whether it’s data in the form of photos, videos, notes, even for contacts on your phone.

Avira Antivirus Security 2019 will protect your smartphone from virus attacks such as spyware and malware. However, if you have lost data, Avira Antivirus Security 2018 will also help track the whereabouts of the lost data because it is not uncommon for viruses to attack your phone but the data becomes scattered in other folders.

Applications brought by the party /developer /Avira will even show and give notifications if there are applications that have the potential to have viruses. Avira Antivirus Security 2019 apps are available for free and some are paid. If you want, click here to download the app.

*5. DFNDR Security*

Did you know that fake sites are spread on the internet? “/ and attempts”/hackers/other.

The DFNDR security app will monitor your phone for 24 hours 7 days without stopping to defend “/credentials/ from falling into the hands of bad guys.

There is also a “/alert/” feature which will notify you whenever there is an attempt to infiltrate data theft or a bad person tries to enter your whatsapp. There are many other benefits to be had, let’s try it for yourself by downloading it here!

Best Antivirus Apps to Protect Android Phones

*6. Kaspersky*

Another best anti-virus application comes under the name Kaspersky. This application is also supported by features that will certainly detect the presence of viruses. Kaspersky will detect the feature /background check /to find out the position of the virus.

Not only detect, even your phone will be protected by antivirus/protection features. /The feature to track the whereabouts of the phone is installed in the application created/”/Kaspersky Lab. Free, practical, definitely safe, want? Click here to directly download the application.

*7. LookOut*

Lookout application can be enjoyed by Android users and of course to protect your Android. This application offers a number of convenience and security for your phone. In its features, the Lookout application will always scan continuously to always make sure your phone is clean from viruses.

In addition, the feature to find the whereabouts of a lost phone is also embedded by the /developer /application maker. No need to worry about losing all data, Lookout articles will do /backup /data on your phone. Safe enough right? Download the Antivirus Lookout app here.

*8. Mobile Security*

/M/maybe this application is also better known for anti-virus on PC. Mobile Security An application that is equipped with a scanning feature to look for viruses that may be lodged in the phone.

Mobile security will scan files and even the web you visit. Automatically, mobile security will block websites that have the potential to have viruses. Even when you’re cool on Wi-Fi, this app will keep you away from viruses. How, are you interested? Click here to download the anti-virus.

*9. Norton Mobile Security*

After a long time of success as one of the safest anti-virus on PC, now Norton has penetrated the mobile world. Norton’s big name really doesn’t need to be doubted, you just need to install it and let the app work to protect your phone from apps containing “/malware/.

Norton Mobile Security will detect gaps in the operating system and provide protection that strengthens the security side of the phone. For those of you who are connected to a public WiFi connection, you also don’t need to worry because Norton will give you a “/alert/ if any”/Middle Man/ peeking at your surfing activity.

Even more useful, Norton Mobile Security can detect “rogue” apps like “/fintech/” and online loan apps when they try to access private contacts without your consent. Don’t sacrifice privacy, let’s download Norton Mobile Security here!

*10. ESET Mobile Security & Antivirus*

Want your Android phone away from viruses? Or do you need an application that can remove viruses and prevent viruses from coming? Well, the right choice if you download the “Mobile Security & Antivirus” application. This is an application that not only locks your cellphone, but is also ready to protect your cellphone from virus threats.

Here, “Mobile Security & Antivirus will do ” /scanning” / on the cellphone and can find viruses that are lodged in the cellphone, if there is a virus. Viruses such as ” /malware” / can also be prevented by doing ” /scanning” /using applications” Mobile Security & Antivirus. Want to try?

*11. Nox Security*

Nox Security is a free security and antivirus app with free virus cleaner, WiFi security, message security, notification blocker, app locker, call blocker, file encryption and more.

Nox Security can protect your device from viruses, spyware, rootkits, hackers and online scams, and more. So far Nox Security has been used by more than 10 million Android users.

*12. Web Security Space*

Available for free for a 14-day trial period, after which you can pay $9.99 per year or if it is dirupiahkan around 1.3 million per year. This Dr.Web Security Space application will always scan / scan files on your cellphone as well as the applications used.

Dr.Web Security Space will also reveal the presence of viruses that attack HP even before the virus attacks, Dr.Web Security Space will detect them for you. Classified as a lightweight application, Dr.Web Security Space relies on low battery capacity for its use. Want to use it? Download the application here.

Those are the 12 recommendations and choices of the best anti-virus applications that you can use on Android-based smartphones. All of the above applications will always guarantee security according to your needs. Which app is right for you?

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