10 Apps to Merge Photos into Videos on PC

These photos are a great visual format for capturing fun moments. But if the photo is made in audiovisual format, it’s definitely more interesting to look at each time.

Well, that means you need an application to combine photos in videos on PC with support features and easy operation.

10 Apps to Merge Photos into Videos on PC

In order not to be wrong /installation/, in this discussion there are 10 suggested application names that can be your reference. Quality and very support of his various needs. Any?

Apps to Merge Photos into Videos on PC

*1. FilmORA*

Many consider the filter to resemble Adobe Premiere Pro. But, of course, this app is much simpler and friendly for /editors/beginners. That is why the process of merging videos to classified videos is easier.

After creating the main home page, you can place the selected photos in the /timeline bar. Each photo then forms a separate, moveable block. The duration per photo can be arranged along with the transition from one scene to another.

Also Add /Templates /Music and Text which can be taken freely from the menu. For the sake of the need to make videos from photos menus and / /tools /filmora is very complete and qualified. You can download the original app via Wondershare Filmora official website.

Ah, yes, because this is a /freemium/ application, then you can experience the free version but with limited characteristics. You can buy /software/ It’s for $69.99 or an annual subscription of $39.99 per year. Interested? Let’s visit the official website now!

*2. Windows Movie Maker*

Among the many popular video applications, Windows Movie Maker is probably the lightest. Thanks to this capacity, there are enough facilities to create and edit simple videos, including photo combinations.

No advanced experience is required to operate this application. The photos you want can be arranged directly in parallel and favorite music. If you want to change the duration, just/drag/edge the photo, swipe towards the meaning.

With a very familiar /interface/screen for Windows program style, it certainly makes it easier to get the functionality planned. Video Presentation /Slide /Then it will end quickly! To have it, you just need to visit the Windows Store and type the keyword “/filmmaker/” in a search engine, or click here. This app is available for free, /you know/!

*3. AVS video editor*

The next application for combining photos in videos on PC is AVS video editor. Especially for those of you who want to make videos more vibrant, this application is recommended because of several /tools.

What makes this app so different when it comes to /edition /photo to video form is that it uses video cache. This system makes the video results clearer with full HD standards even up to 4K and, of course, free videos.

For the needs of /edition /simple, the menu in this application will not be difficult to understand. In addition, the timeline screen makes it very easy for you to move and add video elements, such as sets of images, transitions or songs. Come on, visit the official app page here!

*4. Camtasia*

From the screen just between your faces, you can see that this app can present a simple but also fully complete screen. The characteristics are enough to admit /edit /photo to the following video with other additions.

There are several basic menus that you can choose from on the left side of the screen. Start when giving transition effects, sound effects, visual effects from images to add annotations.

The application becomes more complete with a screen recorder function that can be activated simultaneously during the edition. While it looks good for getting a lot of work done, it’s still a relatively safe weight for a mid-range laptop spec.

Just visit the official page, you can try camtasia in the free test /free/. Would you like to have the app in /ful /l? Just buy it for $ 249.99 or around RP3.5 million. Expensive? It’s possible, but it’s a well worth the investment/especially if you edit videos a lot.

Apps to Merge Photos into Videos on PC

*5. Avidemux*

Are you still looking for an application to combine photos in videos compatible PC for Mac and Windows? Avidemix may be the solution you are looking for. This application provides various alternative screens and animations that make video results more optimal.

Music and text effects are also provided without the hassle of adding them. In general, the /edition /application screen is almost similar to the anterior application line. However, what makes it even more different are the editing buttons which are quite large and very basic.

That way, making photo videos doesn’t have to be difficult and of course ends in no time. The good news again, the Avidemux application can be downloaded for free! Click this link to download it.

*6. Pinnacle Studios*

Do you want to edit/”/video, but PC specs are only limited to 1GB? This app is perfect for your needs. It’s quite light in size, so you don’t have to worry about loading up space on your PC space. You just need extra memory to store the results.

Even so, you can still enjoy HD video quality. And so that the series of photos in the video are not so amateurish that they can also adjust 2000 interesting effects.

This application for combining photos on PC provides many options / output files. Like MP4, AVI, MPEG and some other extensions. However, you will have to prepare money as this request is paid for. Relaxing, reasonably priced, /really/! Only at a price of $ 49.95 or around IDR 700 thousand. Click here to visit the Orders page.

*7. Sony Vegas Pro*

Yes /Skill /You no longer tell as a beginner, Sony Vegas Pro can be an alternative to join photos form video. Compared to the previous application, the /interface /application screen is much more interactive with menus and /tools / which are quite complex. The /Timeline- /bar is also very appropriate for editing using multiple layers.

This Sony brand launch app supports you to edit and polish videos with various effects and transition characteristics. There are more than 300 types of video effects and also more than 30 audio effect options for you to choose from.

For this reason, the specifications of the PC you need should also be consistent. At least with a RAM capacity of 4 GB, also a GHZ 2 core processor. This application can be purchased and also rented. For the purchase price, you have to spend $ 399, also known as about Rp. 5.7 million. To rent, only pay $ 15.99 or about Rp. 230 thousand. Click here for more information.

*8. Adobe Premiere Pro*

Adobe Premiere Pro is famous for being the Pillar of video editors. Then, it’s perfect for those of you who are skilled enough to operate complex characteristics to join photos in videos.

The help of super complete characteristics will certainly make your video results much more perfect than just photos accompanied by music. Therefore, don’t be surprised if you have to spend some money to access it.

After the manufacturing process, /output /video is complete, you can view the comfortable Anti-borphia through 4K Resolution, you know! Although there is a price to pay, the results are really promising, right? In addition, under the Adobe name, the guaranteed price is paid according to the quality. You can subscribe per month for IDR 283 thousand. Click here.

Apps to Merge Photos into Videos on PC

*9. Corel Video*

Not only did he launch a graphic design app, Corel also has a hero app for questions/video editions. This is corel videostudio, which is very useful for making videos of your favorite photos.

You can try to adjust various characteristics that are at the professional application level, such as /monitor /audio edition /audio / which is eligible. For its size alone, it is classified as not so big that it is compatible for multiple PCs, even once.

If you are interested in using this application, you also provide a series of funds to download. And make sure your /skills only needs to reach the /medium / level to make it easier to operate. Ah, yes, it’s quite affordable at just $79.99, also known as RP1 million (pay once in life). Click here for the official page.

*10. Lightworks*

Another application for combining photos in videos on PC that is suitable for you is Lightworks. In terms of working screens, this app looks a bit complicated. At first glance there will be 3 bars at the top and work/”/ at the bottom of the screen.

Each element will form a separate block that can only be placed in its own part according to its shape. With a division like this, changing, changing, or cutting it will not be difficult.

LightWorks is perfectly compatible for Windows, Mac or Linux operating systems. The latest version which you can get directly on the official website. And don’t forget that this is a /freemium /yes app. Available for free but with limited resolution/output/options.

For the Pro version, the app can be purchased for $437.99 or equivalent to RP6.3 million. This is for a once in a life purchase. Meanwhile, if you want to subscribe every month, you only need to pay $24.99 per month.

It is more or less an application that has interesting characteristics and specifications according to the level of difficulty. Of course, there are still some other /brand/names that don’t support less videos.

But, the previous ten were the best in terms of characteristics and interface. Hope this article helps you choose better before you definitely do/install. /Good luck!

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