10 Apps to Make Friends with Koreans on Android 2022

Are you one of the many people who love all things Korean? Want to deepen your Korean but don’t have much time to go to language classes? Or, you want to get to know Korean people directly without having to go to their country?

Apps to Make Friends with Koreans on Android

The trick, you can use various types of applications / chat / that are on the Google Play Store. Easy isn’t it? Well, this time Valay will summarize 10 applications to make friends with Koreans on Android, which you can / download / through the Google Play Store. What app, eh? /Look at this/!

Apps to Make Friends with Koreans on Android

*1. hello talk*

In addition, there is a talking hello. Hello talk which you can use to make friends with Koreans while learning Korean by chatting directly with them via the /chat/ feature. You can find / partner / according to their age, country of origin and language they speak. If it fits the criteria, then you can start talking to /partners/

In addition, in the Hello Talk application, you can teach each other’s languages, through the /chat / feature which is equipped with /note voice /. That way, you can not only become friends, but also improve your language skills. Want to try this one application? /Download /hello talk here.

*2. Wakie*

Wakie application that you can create options to find Korean friends. In Wakie, you can interact through features / status updates / similar to Facebook status, talk over the phone with the chat feature.

You can find the friend you want by writing through your status or /bio/profile. Then, /users/ that match the criteria, will contact you if you match their criteria as well. This Wakie app tends to be more “free” when compared to anything or hello talk.

In short, Wakie is a kind of social media app and is not devoted to language exchange. Interested in trying? Click the following link to download/download/application.

*3. slowly*

Want to find a pen pal? You can try the app slowly. This app is the place for you to find pen pals but with a touch of modern technology. In this why interactive application, you can do / send time / with pen pals from all over the world. Also, you can replace /avatar / and use /nickname /.

The slow app also allows you to find pen pals based on your interests and language. In addition, you can collect stamps, /you know/. Very unique! Curious? / Download/ Slow Application by clicking on the following link.

*4. Tandem*

Tandem brings almost the same concept as Hellotalk. Not only making friends with Koreans, you can also learn Korean directly in the app. You can find friends and learn their language or Japanese people teach them the language you speak.

Tandem has various features ranging from video, /voice notes /, /chat /and messages in the form of images and audio. This application also supports 150 languages ​​with 2500 available language combinations. Are you interested in trying this app? Please click this link to download.

Apps to Make Friends with Koreans on Android

*5. AirTripp*

Like AnyGram and Wakie, the AirTripp application is also a language and cultural exchange application that has a social media concept. Apart from making friends with Koreans, you can make friends with users from 250 other countries.

This application is also suitable for those of you who cannot speak foreign languages ​​because there is a translation feature in /chat/. You can also have short posts/videos, send virtual gifts to plan trips together. Fun, yes. /Download/ AirTripp is here now.

*6. Meeff*

In an application devoted to finding friends from the land of Ginseng “you can learn Korean in a relaxed manner directly with native speakers. You can also choose friends to talk to according to age and sex.

Unfortunately, to be able to send photos and use the in-app translation feature, you need to use a premium chat room. Interested in using the application from Noyesrun Inc. this? / Download/ Meeff app here.

*7. Ablo*

ABLO is a live video and chat app that connects you with new friends from all countries, including Korea. This app allows you to talk and chat in your own language. That’s because the app can translate your conversations directly.

With this application you can experience the experience of exploring the virtual world. So far ABO has been downloaded more than 10 million times on the Play Store with a pretty good rating.

*8. Speaky*

The Speaky app is one of the apps on the Google Play Store that can help you find friends from Korea. The application which is also a conceptual exchange language carries almost the same concept as HelloTalk and Hello Pal.

You can find partners to learn foreign languages ​​and teach them the language you speak. Similar to AnyGram, Speaky also has a correction feature. In addition there are additional features such as /note note /in /chat /. Try the Speaky app here.

Apps to Make Friends with Koreans on Android

*9. Mico*

Mico is a social platform that will lead you to make friendships and start streaming live. Lots of entertaining stories shared by new people around and interactive streaming by many talented broadcasters around the world.

Mico also has a real-time translation feature so there will be no barrier when interacting virtually with strangers. So far Mico has been downloaded more than 50 million times on Play Store with good ratings.

*10. Yubo*

Yubo is a social platform where you can find new friends through live streaming and authentic interactions. On Yubo, you can easily make friends “either from your local community or from around the world and socialize in no time via live chat.

Well, those are ten apps that will let you make friends with Koreans directly from your / your smartphone / Android. Before using it, we remind you to always be wise in using the above or other applications.

If you want to have Korean friends but the language is limited, you can learn Korean first. Learning Korean is not difficult, /really/. You just need to learn Korean through the app, for a guide you can read the article “Learning Korean Apps”.

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