10 Apps to Create an Attractive Curriculum Vitae With Android Phones

CV (curriculum vitae) is an important component in the world of work. When someone wants to apply for a job, a CV is usually attached as part of a job application letter.

The CV itself contains special information as well as other detailed descriptions that need to be conveyed such as work experience, academic information, and others.

If at first you needed to compile and write your own CV, now CVs can be made online using a computer or mobile device. In addition, making a CV like this already has the required standards. So, you don’t have to worry about missing parts when making it.

10 Apps to Create an Attractive Curriculum Vitae With Android Phones

Apps to Create an Attractive Curriculum Vitae With Android Phones

To make a CV easily, you can use a CV maker application. If you are confused about tracking the application, Valay Info will support you to discuss the application for creating a CV on Android that you can rely on to make your best CV. Here is the list.

1. CV Maker – Job application PDF – Intelligent CV

If you don’t want to spend a lot of time creating a CV, try the CV Maker app from Intelligent CV. In this application, you can create a CV in a matter of minutes.

CV Maker has more than 200 templates that can be used. If you want to add information in your CV, you can use the editor feature in the application. If you want to make changes to the series of information in the CV, there is a CV Manager feature that can support you.

CV Maker also allows you to edit the font size and color, and review it again. With CV Maker, you also don’t need to make a separate application letter, because there is a cover letter maker feature, you know.

2. Resume Builder & CV Maker – Mobotechnology Inc.

Making a CV through this Android application is also worth a try. You will find more than 300 CV templates and cover letters. Not only that, Resume Builder & CV Maker comes from Mobotechnology Inc. it is very possible for you to run an editing system on the created CV.

Amazingly, this application supports more than 30 different languages ​​for CV creation. Important elements such as hand signals can also be added to the CV.

In addition to creating a CV, this one application also supports resume creation. Interested? Download the Resume Builder & CV Maker app from Mobotechnology Inc.

3. Resume Builder – Nithra

Resume Builder from Nithra can not only be used to create a resume, but also CV. According to the information in the image above, there are 130+ CV and resume templates that you can choose according to your needs.

This application makes it easy for you to fill in all CV and resume knowledge with a fairly good user interface.

Like a CV maker application on Android, Resume Builder also allows you to edit colors, templates, and CV information. Uniquely, you can copy and delete CVs and resumes that are made according to your needs.

4. Resume Builder – CV Engineer

You can also make your CV easily at CV Engineer. If you are confused about the contents of the CV, you don’t need to worry. CV Engineer will give you an example of how it is done.

Some of the features contained in this CV maker application include professional CV templates, easy editing options, information on how to fill in the sections, CV, interview questions and answers, and much more. Thus, you can easily make your CV in CV Engineer.

5. My proposal

Most CV maker applications actually come from foreign developers. But don’t worry, there is a CV maker application on Android made by the nation’s children that is no less qualified.

Yes, the next application is my application. Through this application, you can create a CV in a matter of minutes, because the method of making it is very easy. Each element of information in the CV only needs to be dragged and dropped, so that making a CV does not take a lot of time.

If the CV is not appropriate, you can edit it as needed. You can choose a variety of template models, so that the appearance of the CV is of higher quality.

In this application, you can add a QR Code that contains information on phone numbers, e-mail addresses and others. My Application Application can also help you to produce a job application letter. Download the application my application by clicking the following link.

6. CV Creator

You can make a professional and modern CV with the CV Creator application. In this application, you are able to compile CV and resume for various purposes, especially applying for jobs.

Don’t worry, this application has more than 30 cool templates, so you don’t have to create a CV design from scratch again.

How to make a CV with this Android application is fairly easy. You only need to install the application, then determine the desired template, then fill in the required knowledge and information in the CV. Once completed, the CV will be directly saved on your device.

7. CV Maker – Study Zone

The CV Maker application from the Stud Zone is no less cool than a similar CV maker application. In CV Maker, you can create a quality CV with different sections of information.

The next several sections consist of abilities, experience, self-knowledge, education, and many more. You only need to add detailed information to each section of the CV. Of course, you can also edit the CV that is made, if it is not appropriate. You can also make changes to the CV template easily.

The CV generated from this application is in PDF format. You can directly share, print, and save the files directly from the application.

8. CV Maker by VisualCV

This application for making CV number four offers several features that are quite supportive, such as allowing you to import knowledge from your LinkedIn account or from a CV that you have created in PDF or Word format. Thus, you become lighter when you want to make improvements to your CV with this application.

This application can also be used to create resumes, portfolios, and cover letters. In this application you are also allowed to customize the CV page and add new content if needed. In addition, you can add photos to complete your profile knowledge.

VisualCV also includes professional premium designs and templates. Apart from that, the app has a simple user interface but comes out modern and pleasing to the eye.

9. CV Maker App – 23apps.com

This CV Maker App from 23apps.com is able to support you in compiling a CV in Indonesian easily, you know.

How to make a CV is not difficult. You only need to determine the desired CV template, then fill in the knowledge and information in the CV. These include work experience, personal knowledge, education, abilities, and much more.

You can also write a job application letter in Indonesian in this application. The results of the CV will be saved in the form of a PDF file.

10. Resume Builder Online CV Maker

This application allows you to generate resumes and CVs in the ATS format that has been getting a lot of attention lately. Not only the ATS format, the “€˜ordinary” CV CV can also be made through this one application.

There are over 15 professional CV and resume templates to choose from. With this application, you can create CVs and resumes without taking much time, because the application has been supported by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Reportedly, there are more than 200,000 CVs and resumes created with this application. Don’t miss it, after you make a CV, don’t forget to also send it to companies that are linked to job vacancies.

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