Top 10 Apps for Reading eBooks on Android 2022

If in the first article we discussed applications for reading novels, this time Valay.CO will talk about applications for reading the most famous eBooks on Android. Today, eBooks are applications that make it very easy for people who like to read anywhere and anytime.

By using an application to read eBooks, readers don’t have to be busy and heavy to have thick books in their bag. They only have to have one Android smartphone in their bag and be able to read eBooks anytime and anywhere.

Top 10 Apps for Reading eBooks on Android 2022

Apps for Reading eBooks on Android

In addition, several free book download applications on Android will also be discussed. Not only that, you can also read free books without having to download the ebook you want. Curious? Let’s look at the following 10 applications for reading the most popular ebooks on Android.

1. Google Play Books

Google Play Books has always been a very popular eBook collection application among Android users, especially fans of reading books. Google Play Books has been downloaded by more than two million Android users from all over the world.

Google Play Books not only provides novels, but also provides a variety of books that you can download for free. However, not all ebooks on Google Play Books are free and given for free, because some of the ebooks in this application are paid.

In addition to popular books, Google Play Books also adds a variety of comics for those of you who like to read digital comics. Interested in using this eBook reading application? Click here to download the application.

2. Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle became the second most popular ebook collection application after the first position was held by Google Play Books. This Kindle application not only provides novels, but also magazines like the New York Times Magazines.

In addition to magazines too, Amazon Kindle provides newspaper-like reading that is suitable for you without having to go far to shop for newspapers. Of course, using this application to read ebooks is very simple and easy.

You can also connect to the closest library in your area to download eBooks in the library.

This feature makes it easy for readers without having to go to the library to get eBooks because the Kindle will connect the library directly with you. To download the Kindle app, you just have to click here.


NOOK is one of the most popular eBook reading apps on Android. In its application, NOOK provides various kinds of digital books that can be enjoyed by its users.

With a simple and simple interface, it will make the readers comfortable to read using this one application.

Like an Android-based digital library, NOOK provides more than four million books, magazines, comics, and best-selling books in the world.

You can choose free and paid books served by NOOK. To save even more on book purchases, an ebook that has been purchased can be shared with people around you.

So, people around do not have to be busy spending money to buy the same book. Very light isn’t it? If you are interested in an application to read eBooks on this one, you can download the application here.

4. Kobo Books

It’s no exaggeration if Kobo Books is included in one of the best eBook applications of Carisignal’s choice, because this application is also one of the best choices for PlayStore editors. In the application, Kobo Books prepares for many variations of reading which are certainly interesting and useful.

In Kobo Books, you can adjust the font size, change the font style, and even change the reading mode. In addition, Kobo Books also has readings from various languages, unfortunately, Indonesian is not included in it.

Apps for Reading eBooks on Android

5. 50000 Free eBooks & AudioBooks

Applications collection of eBooks after this is a little different from the three famous applications before. This application provides 50,000 ebooks accompanied by audiobooks. With this audiobook, you can listen to the contents of the book that will be read by the narrator in this eBook application.

In addition to the availability of audiobooks, the 50000 Free eBooks & AudioBooks application makes it easy for you when you want to read ebooks offline by importing the ebooks you want to read later.

Every time users import ebooks, this application will automatically display or notify available audiobooks. Interesting right? To download the application, you simply click here.

6. ReadEra

Next, there is the ReadEra application. The app is very reliable for reading ebooks on Android phones. There are many file formats accessible with ReadEra. Some of them are PDF, Word, EPUB, Mobi and many more.

The app is also supported with several features that will keep you comfortable while reading. One of them is the choice of colors that can be matched when you are listening to your favorite ebook.

7. Moon+ Reader

Moon+ Reader is an application for reading eBooks with complete superior features. The application provides various visual options, such as font size, alignment, and user-adjustable spacing.

When reading eBooks using this application, users also don’t have to worry about eyes that are easily tired because there are features that will maintain eye freshness. Not only that, scrolling eBooks with Moon+ Reader is also fairly light thanks to the five auto-scroll modes that you can try.

There are still many cool features that this application offers to its users. If you are curious, please directly download Moon+ Reader for Android.

8. eBoox: ePub PDF eBook Reader

eBoox: ePub PDF e-book Reader is released by READING APPS and has been downloaded by more than five million users on Android. As the name suggests, this application supports reading files of various formats, as well as EPUB and PDF.”

You as a user will also be pampered with features that increase reading comfort. One of them is the speed of the application in connecting each eBook in your collection. Want to try this one application?

9. Prestigio eReader: Book Reader

If you are looking for an eBook reading application on Android with a large collection of books in it, eReader Prestigio: Book Reader can be your choice. Yes, there is a collection of over 40,000 books to read.”

You can also upload or add your own eBook collection into this application. Various eBook formats are supported by Prestigio’s eReader: Book Reader. One of them is a PDF file.

This application is fairly light to use. Navigation fit reading was so smooth. If you’re “lazy”€™ reading alone, there is a Text-to-Speech feature that can be used to read books using voice.

10. Lithium: EPUB Reader

From the name, it can be seen that this application is specifically for reading EPUB. There is an automatic book detection feature that will make it easier for you to read. There is also a choice of day and night modes that you can choose, so that reading is more comfortable.

Best of all, this Lithium: EPUB Reader app is free of ads. If you want to enjoy various types of other excellent features, you can subscribe to the pro version from the application.

So, those are the 10 most popular eBook reading apps on Android. Which is your favorite ebook application?

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