10 Most Popular Applications for Borrowing Money on Android

The development of financial technology or fintech (financial technology) is currently growing rapidly. Companies involved in finance compete to offer their best services to customers.

One form of fintech is an application to borrow money without collateral (unsecured credit card) which can be done online. A person who wants to use the service is provided with an easy process. They do not need to come to the service provider’s office to send loan files, but it is enough to enter their personal data via smart phones.

Usually the main requirement for submitting a KTA online is an KTP or card without a resident plus a few other things that are needed such as a telephone number, local bank account number, to the NPWP card or taxpayer identification number.

Service providers have prepared applications that can be downloaded and installed on smartphones. All loan processes are carried out through the device. Each service provider has different terms and conditions, so the issue of disbursement of funds and payment tempos also varies.

10 Most Popular Applications for Borrowing Money on Android

12 Most Popular Applications for Borrowing Money on Android

In this regard, Carisyal will now discuss applications for borrowing money on Android. Here are the 10 most popular apps for borrowing money on Android (a list arranged according to the order determined by the Play Store).

-1. “kreditQ-

Easy and fast loans can be made through the “CreditQ Application. With this application, you are allowed to take loans from Rp. 1 million to Rp. 4 million. For loan periods ranging from 91 days to 180 days.

Well, if you want to borrow money from “Creditq, you only need to prepare your KTP and NPWP. Then, register a Creditq account and fill in your biodata completely and correctly. Finally, immediately select the loan you want. Interested? Can directly “download” the application here.

-2. Rupiah Cepat-

The first application to borrow money is Rupiah which is fast. Around one million people have downloaded the Rupiah application quickly as of this writing. Rupiah Fast has unsecured loan products with a fairly large value and a long period of time.

As written in the application description, users do not need to spend time going through a complicated and lengthy process when they want to use the fast rupiah service, but it can be done easily and quickly. Enough with an ID card, a person can apply for a loan. The app download link is here.

-3. Kredit pintar-

In addition, there was a smart credit application that appeared about a year ago. Just like fast Rupiah, this application has been used by at least one million people. To be able to apply for an unsecured loan in smart credit, a person must be at least 21 years old and of course have an original KTP.

Smart Credit offers easy bill payment options, from ATMs, M-banking, to payments through several minimarkets. For loan applications, Smart Credit will process them in less than 24 hours. Previous users are required to fill in the required data. The app download link is here.

-4. Pinjam Yuk-

Furthermore, there are loan applications that offer loan terms such as 18 years and over, Indonesian citizenship, having a private bank account, and of course having income. Then, the loan amount from IDR 600,000 to IDR 1,200,000 in 91 days – 120 days.

What’s interesting about this application is that the loan process is relatively fast. “It only takes a maximum of 2 hours to verify a user who wants to use the loan service. Of course it is? Interested? Please download this application by clicking the link here.

-5. EasyCash-

Another app for borrowing money is EasyCash. Just like others, EasyCash provides unsecured loan services with sufficient conditions for an ID card. To register, users only need to fill in their personal data and wait for approval within 24 hours. “App download link is here.

-6. Danarupiah-

10 Most Popular Applications for Borrowing Money on Android

Danarupiah offers a maximum value of an unsecured loan that is large enough for its users. Loan funds can also be selected as needed. This application to borrow money is offered by the PT service for sharing and has been downloaded more than one million times on the Play Store. “App download link is here.

-7. “Akulaku-

With just three steps, “Akulaku makes it easy for users to make credits if you want to buy goods. The first way, you must” install “the application first through the PlayStore or click here. Then, register an Akulaku account according to your personal data. Finally, determine the maximum limit for borrowing or making credit.

For its features, “Akulaku offers various credits, ranging from 3 months to 12 months. Then, you can immediately get the desired item without having to pay in advance and party” Akulaku Will immediately send the goods without delivery. And most importantly, the security of this application is quite guaranteed.

-8. Kredivo-

Kredivo is an application that offers an installment program without the need to use a credit card and personal loan. One can use the Kredivo application to shop at several markets such as Tokopedia, Shopee, Lazada, Bukalapak, Blibli, and at more than 200 other merchants.

In addition to the things above, Kredivo can also be a place to buy credit and pay bills. Kredivo has been registered and supervised by OJK or the Financial Services Authority. “App download link is here.

-9. PinjamanGo

Loanango is an app to borrow other money on Android. Loanango is part of the Sinarmas Group and has been registered and supervised by OJK with S-256NB.2132018 Registration Number. Requirements to apply at Loanango are Indonesian citizens with a minimum age of 18 years to a maximum of 55 years. In addition, users must also have an ID card, a local bank account, a mobile number and a fixed income. “App download link is here.

-10. TunaiKita

In addition to an ID card, people who want to apply for a loan at Tunaikita also need an NPWP or taxpayer identification number (meaning you don’t have an NPWP). The application requirements are Indonesian citizens with a minimum age of 21 years to 60 years, and the rest is almost the same as other loan applications. “App download link is here.

Apart from the ten apps above, we also have some other great apps for borrowing money. If you are interested, you can immediately refer to the following reviews.

-11. Indodana-

The time period given by Indodana for users who apply for loans is up to six months. The condition is that the delivery is almost the same as for our cash which requires a NPWP (this card turns out to be widely used too). Indodana has been registered and supervised by the Financial Services Authority or OJK. “App download link is here.

-12. Perdana

In the last sequence of applications to borrow money, there is a premiere which has also been registered and supervised by OJK with registration number S-59NB.213201. All Indonesian citizens who are at least 18 years old, have an ID card, mobile number, and an established income can use the rupiahplus service. To meet the needs of its users, Rupiahplus provides 7 x 24 hour customer service. “App download link is here.

That’s the list of the most popular apps to borrow money on Android. Please remember, *Writing this article is not meant to invite*, but only conveys information related to the development of the financial world in today’s technological era.

Some additional information, online loan fintech applications have been monitored by the OJK. For those who don’t know, OJK or the Financial Services Authority is a government agency that has the duties and functions to regulate, supervise, and protect activities in the financial industry. The objective as written by OJK on its website, is that all activities in the financial services sector can achieve the following objectives.

· Conducted regularly, fairly, transparently and responsibly, · able to realize a financial system that grows in a sustainable and stable manner, and is able to protect the interests of consumers and society.

Therefore, as part of the financial services industry, fintech products must also be registered with the OJK so that their activities can run smoothly and safely. In addition, people who use fintech services can also be protected by the OJK.

So, the presence of OJK in the financial industry is necessary. That’s because every movement of the service provider company will be monitored, so that the anticipation of violations can be carried out and consumers feel safe. Please visit the OJK website to see more about registered and licensed fintech providers.

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