15 Lost or Stolen Android Phone Tracking Apps

After reviewing the 10 HP security applications, there’s nothing wrong if you tighten the security for your Android cellphone along with the 15 best lost Android cellphone tracking applications, the Valay.CO version this time.

This application will also help make it easier for you to find cellphones that have been stolen by naughty hands.

In fact, more than one application for tracking a lost Android cellphone can track the whereabouts of a cellphone only through the internet, along with a cellphone number, via gmail, even via imei.

15 Lost or Stolen Android Phone Tracking Apps

However, more or less is there a cellphone tracking application in a dead condition or without GPS? Find the answer to your curiosity at Valay.CO.

Lost or Stolen Android Phone Tracking Apps

1. Life360: Family Locator & GPS Tracker

Find the stolen Android phone area along with the lost Android phone tracker app, Life360: Family Locator & GPS Tracker. This application will show and smell the whereabouts of the stolen phone using GPS. Of course, with this application, your family can also track the whereabouts of your cell phone.

So, you can easily find and reuse your Android phone. You don’t have to be busy using it, Life360: Family Locator & GPS Tracker is actually designed as easy as possible for you to use and you can use it to track the location of your cellphone. Want to? Download the application here.

2. Google Find My Device

Looking for a favorite cellphone now doesn’t have to be complicated. You can search for it along with one of these lost Android cell phone tracker apps. Google Find My Device adds three main features to help you in searching for a lost cellphone.

First, comes the Locate your phone feature. This one feature will add the area where the Android cellphone is, so you can immediately visit the area that has been notified by Google Find My Device. The second feature, Play a sound, means that the Google Find My Device application will add a voice code when you are near the area of ​​your lost cellphone.

And this last or third feature is more of a security application for your cellphone. With the erase and lock feature, Google Find My Device users can lock personal data and delete every chat. Easy, practical, and safe right? Download the application here.

3. Find My Phone

Find My Phone is also a lost Android cellphone tracker application that also helps Android users when they are confused about tracking their sophisticated cellphones that don’t know where they are. The Find My Phone application will add your mobile area in Real-Time.

Not only adding area information, the Find My Phone application will even add History wherever your cellphone is taken. So, you can not only track the last area, but also can see the last locations of your cellphone. Complete enough right? Click here to download the application.

4. Phone Tracker By Number

Well, this time the lost Android cellphone tracker application only needs to register a cellphone number. Phone Tracker By Number will track the lost cellphone based on the cellphone number registered with the application. Phone Tracker By Number also carries GPS to make it easier to find cellphones.

Phone Tracker By Number users will also always be notified of the latest lost Android phone area. The history feature is also not spared as a feature to support HP searches. You can see where your cellphone was taken by the thief. Do you want to use this application? Download the application here.

5. Mobile Number Locator

In accordance with the name of the application, Mobile Number Locator is one of the tracking applications for lost Android phones by relying on mobile numbers such as the Friend Locator application. Mobile Number Locator carries the feature of tracking Android phones along with STD codes and ISD codes.

And, you don’t have to be connected to the internet which means this Mobile Number Locator application can be operated offline. Find the lost Android cellphone area easily without any hassle. Get your Android phone back from ignorant hands, just click here and immediately download the application.

6. Where’s My Droid

Find your lost cellphone along with relying on the lost Android phone tracker app, Wheres My Droid. Applications that favor the feature of tracking cellphones via GPS are quite good at searching for cellphones. The reason is, you only have to register your cellphone at Wheres My Droid and this application is ready to add your registered cellphone area.

The GPS Flare feature is ready to add a notification when the stolen cellphone is experiencing lowbat. Not only that, even the Wheres My Droid application will notify you when a cellphone thief changes your SIM card. In addition to tracking, the Wheres My Droid application also adds security in the form of a lock for every application available on the cellphone. How, interested? Download the application here.

7. Find Lost Phone: Find My Phone

a lost? Take it easy, you can just install the Find Lost Phone: Find My Phone” application on your cellphone and activate the application. To activate it, you can log in using your Gmail account. Well, after you activate this application it will automatically adjust unless your cellphone is confiscated by someone else.

For example, when your cellphone is stolen, the application will immediately send the current area, IMEI of your cellphone, and the current battery capacity. Then, the application will automatically send your cellphone area via SMS to the contacts you have. In fact, there is also an alarm feature that will sound automatically when your cellphone is stolen.

8. Lost Android

No need to panic when you lose HP. You can find and get them back together by relying on the Lost Android app. This lost Android cellphone tracker application will track in real-time and can be controlled via SMS.

The Lost Android app is also installed along with the alarm feature. Different from Cerberus, Lost Android adds an alarm in the form of a flash that fires on members of your cellphone screen. Also, the Lost Android application will always lock automatically when your cellphone is in the hands of irresponsible people.

Not only that, the Lost Android application will immediately take pictures of the thief who took over your cellphone. If interested, you can download the application here.

Lost or Stolen Android Phone Tracking Apps

9. Prey Anti Theft

Android thief identification along with screenshots, that is one of the features embedded in the missing Android phone tracker application from Prey Anti Theft. Not only doing screenshots, Prey Anti Theft will also of course track the whereabouts of the cellphone according to the existing area.

Prey Anti Theft will add complete coordinates for lost HP. Not only that, the alarm along with a loud sound will automatically turn on even though your cellphone is in silent mode. How, do you want to track an Android phone with Prey Anti Theft? Download the application here.

10. Find my phone (Android Wear)

Last but not least, this Android cellphone tracker application visited together with the name Find my phone (Android Wear). This is an application that will sound an alarm when a thief takes over your cellphone. The alarm can only be deactivated using the fingerprint or lock pattern of the HP owner.

Find my phone (Android Wear) will also help to track the whereabouts of a stolen cellphone. So, you don’t have to worry about actually losing your HP, right? Download the Find my phone (Android Wear) application, just click here.

11. “Find iPhone, Android Devices, xfi Locator Lite

This time we recommend a cell phone number tracking application “Find iPhone, Android Devices, xfi Locator Lite. This is an application that is ready to track the whereabouts of your stolen cellphone. With this application, your cellphone will automatically sound a loud alarm when someone steals your cellphone.

Not only that, this application also adds regions in “real-time.” Uniquely, you can register yourself in this application with more than 1 account “you know.” Well, the good news for iPhone users is that the Find iPhone, Android Devices, xfi Locator Lite application can also be used for iOS devices.

12. Anti Theft Mobile Tracker

Another app we recommend is Anti Theft Mobile Tracker. If this application shows that you do not need an internet connection to clear the stolen cellphone area. Then, you can also control the stolen cellphone remotely by locking certain applications and data from the cellphone. Even better, this Anti Theft Mobile Tracker application has a claim that they do not take any data from their users.

13. Mobile Number Location – Phone Call Locator

Not wanting to be outdone by other “developers”, Onex Softech also developed a mobile number tracking application called “Mobile Number Locator. In the application, you can track a lost cellphone by starting from tracking a cellphone number.

However, before that you must register a cellphone number, especially first. The advantages available in “Mobile Number Locator, you don’t need an internet connection to track a cellphone number. It’s quite light and simple, right? Let’s download the application here.

14. iSharing: GPS Location Tracker

iSharing: GPS Location Tracker is an application that allows your family to be connected and stay connected with your family members at any time. This app provides real-time area sharing facility which allows families to share their area information privately and communicate with each other. So, this application can also be used as a lost phone finder tool.

15. Connected – Family Locator – GPS Tracker

Connected is a GPS area tracking app that helps you find family & friends, track their area in real-time to look after them, and and help always be safe. In other words, when their phone is lost, you can use this app to find it.

Well, that’s a collection of applications to track lost Android phones. Now, you can find lost cellphones only with free applications from the PlayStore. Even more than one application offers the convenience of locking a stolen cellphone. How, you want to try this application?

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