10 Best Call Recorder Apps For iPhone 2022

Best Call Recorder Apps For iPhone – If you are a business person, there are times when you have to record important conversations while on a call with a business friend or client.

This is needed as a reference in the future, so that you can run your business properly according to the agreement.

There are many call recorder apps that you can find in the Android and iOS app market. Especially for iPhone users, below Valay.CO will explore the 10 best voice recording applications on the App Store.

Best Call Recorder Apps For iPhone

That way, you don’t have to be confused about which application you should choose.

Best Call Recorder Apps For iPhone

1. Call Recorder Save & Listen

Call Recorder Save & Listen is the most advanced call recorder app we recommend for iPhone users. With a number of excellent features, this application is ready to help you record and save all important calls, both incoming and outgoing, easily, quickly and without limits.

There are many powerful and impressive features offered by Call Recorder Save & Listen. One of them that competitors’ products may not have is voice-to-text conversion. With advanced technology, every conversation in a call can be converted into text easily and precisely.

The voice-to-text converter technology in Call Recorder Save & Listen can also recognize the first person and the second person in a call. That way, you don’t have to bother editing the text of the call. In addition, the next process can also give you the full text of the speech. Very impressive, right?

Other excellent features offered by the Call Recorder Save & Listen call recorder application include the following.

· Call Detector

Call recorder app Call Recorder Save & Listen can detect when a call comes to you and offer suggestions to record this call. This kind of feature of course makes recording calls too easy for you to do.

· Automatic Naming

You don’t have to bother giving the name of the call recording file that you have successfully made with Call Recorder Save & Listen. That’s because the auto naming feature will name all call records automatically matching the number you called or the name in your directory. It can also help you find specific call recording files easily later in the day.

· Encrypted Privacy

With this feature, you become the only person who can open all your all-important call recording data. Because it is encrypted together with Face ID and Touch ID, no one else can listen to your recorded calls, some of which may contain information that is too important about your business.

· Share Button

Call Recorder Save & Listen application also allows you to share recording files with business friends or clients in conversations as a reference for them. You can share the next file via e-mail or WhatsApp and Telegram on many channels.

· Live Support

The quality of a product can be observed from the quality of its service. To provide the best experience to its users, Call Recorder Save & Listen also provides a live support team that you can rely on.

If you want to try this great app, Call Recorder Save & Listen gives you a trial period of three days. You can directly download the Call Recorder Save & Listen call recorder application here.

2. TapeACall Pro

TapeACall Pro allows you to record incoming calls and appear indefinitely. You can also easily download recordings to your computer or upload them to a number of cloud services.

A number of other features are also available, including sharing via e-mail and social media, playing recordings in the background, and customer service. It should be noted that the TapeACall app requires your carrier to assist with 3-way calls.

3. Call Recorder – IntCall

In addition to recording domestic calls, the Call Recorder – IntCall application can also be used to record international calls.

Some of the features offered by this call recorder application include exporting recordings to multiple cloud storages, sharing via WhatsApp or sending via e-mail and also customizing the title for each recording.

4. Call Recording by NoNotes

Call Recording By NoNotes allows you to record calls along with the option to copy. In addition, this application also makes it easy for users to record calls of any length internationally and store them in the cloud.

You can get 20 minutes of free call recording per month and the option to purchase more if needed.

Best Call Recorder Apps For iPhone

5. Call Recorder App.

Has an intuitive interface, Call Recorder App. It comes along with a myriad of features needed to record calls and also manage recordings.

In addition to the basic features, the app also offers the option to export recordings to other apps, rename recordings for easy identification, and open recordings right after the conversation is over.

6. Rev Call Recorder

This application is actually free and has no limits, but currently you can only register with a United States phone number.

Apart from being able to record incoming calls and look at your iPhone, Rev Call Recorder also offers the option to record recordings at a low rate by a skilled human transcriptionist.

7. Call Recorder Lite for iPhone

In addition to offering basic features such as recording incoming and outgoing calls and sharing via social media and email, the Call Recorder Lite for iPhone application also comes with a number of excellent features, such as recording playback checks to skip forward or backward and adjustment levels to change playback speed.

8. ACR Call Recorder

This call recorder application has many access numbers, so that it can help improve the quality of telephone recordings for many countries.

Some of the useful features that ACR Call Recorder offers include customizing recorded files within categories, editing recorded audio, uploading recorded files to Slack and some cloud storage, as well as speech-to-text features in over 50 languages.

9. Record Phone Calls-Call Rec

Apart from offering unlimited call recorder and recording, the call recorder application Record Phone Calls-Call Rec also allows users to play recordings indefinitely.

Some of the other features it offers include sharing and managing recordings, helping multiple languages, being globally available, displaying caller ID on the start page, and so on.

10. Recording App – Re:Call

Recording App – Re:Call allows you to record incoming and outgoing calls, whether international or domestic. Apart from that, you can record calls together with your own iPhone or record using apps along with private caller ID. You can also use different special phone numbers for recordings.

Well, that’s a brief discussion of some good call recorder apps for iPhone. Now you don’t have to be confused again in choosing which call recorder application is good for your iPhone device.

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